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The journey of a great film begins with a strong idea. From award-winning emotional dramas, to inspiring documentaries and punchy engaging video content for social media—we teach you the craft of storytelling through film and video production.

You’ll learn what makes an idea stick with an audience, be taught the craft of writing effective screenplays, as well as practical tools in directing and producing. Beyond a strong foundation in camerawork, lighting, sound and production design, you’ll learn to work in a team, pitch your stories to investors and work together, to create emotional dramas, fun genre films, and thought-provoking documentaries.

Why Us?

Work closely with industry and clients immediately from the first year. Successful pitches often receive funding from clients.

Learn from the best on how it’s done in the industry, from pitching to final screening.

Our students’ films have consistently won top places at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards—the only school in Singapore to do so.

Our Student Projects

The Times We Shared

Based on a true story, a 9 year-old Chinese girl, Emily is paired with a Malay boy, Haziq, for a project. She detests him and tries to get rid of him. But instead, Haziq is always there for her when she needs help.

He encourages her to achieve her goal despite facing a life threatening illness and his genuineness eventually wins Emily over.

Even though she is devastated to learn about her new best friend’s terminal condition, she tries her best to be there for Haziq.  If a packet of gummy bear can make Haziq leave the world contented, she will do anything to have him pass away peacefully.


  • Crowbar Awards 2020 - Gold in Short Film, Art Direction, Directing, Editing, and Cinematography
  • New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Finalist
Huan Express

Nineteen year-old Jun Wei has a fear of failing his examinations. He has been performing badly in school because of his laziness but does want to catch up with his friends. Su Fang, like any mother, wants him to score well for his A-levels in order for him to have a bright future ahead. The pressure is on Jun Wei as the exams are just around the corner. Everything seems to be spiralling out of control, until he bumps into Huan – a mysterious old man who runs a magical thrift shop.


  • Crowbar Awards 2020 - Silver in Short Film, Directing, Editing and Cinematography; Bronze in Art Direction
  • New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Finalist
Ixora Flower

Fifteen year-old Ah Moy lives in a kampung with her sister and father. After her father loses his job, she starts to work as a babysitter in an old black and white expatriate house. While working, she finds out that her sister is going to be sold due to their poverty. She tries every way to keep that from happening and attempts to earn enough money within the three weeks before her sister’s sale. Unfortunately, the Bukit Ho Swee fire breaks out, causing both sisters to be caught in the fire together. The residents come together to save the sisters. After the fire, many decisions have to be made.


  • Crowbar Awards 2020 - Silver in Short Film, Art Direction, Direction, Editing and Cinematography
  • New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Finalist

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