Interior Architecture & Design

Tomorrow’s interior designers do not just renovate spaces, they transform spatial experiences. Learn to design interior spaces that adapt to people’s needs while considering location, architecture, and culture. Explore contemporary social issues and constraints that affect the design of interior and architectural spaces. Study global trends in lifestyle, sustainability, and social change. Learn to see the big picture in design, which will help provide thoughtful, human-centric, and balanced solutions to complex design problems. In a fast-changing world, this course prepares you to become a highly adaptable designer who can work beyond silos, engaging with other disciplines that go beyond design alone.

Can’t decide between Interior Design and Architecture? This is the only course in a polytechnic that covers both interior design and architectural design.

Play with lights! Students will learn the importance of good lighting in interior design as they experiment with different lighting styles in the Lighting Lab. A first in a polytechnic, this is a unique lab dedicated to lighting design.

Recognised by the Board of Architects Singapore, our students can get up to two years of university study waived when they enrol in an architecture degree programme.

Our Student Projects

Seniors are happiest when they spend their golden years in familiar places. This project repurposes the current Golden Mile Food Centre at Beach Road into a modern 21st century urban kampung. Here, elderly residents will be encouraged to meet, gather with friends in a community space that encourages social interaction. This project is shortlisted as a finalist for the IDCS Design Excellence Award in the Spatial Design Competition 2021.

From farm to table, this design of an urban farm collective aims to promote local food production for health conscious consumers. The use of nature and biophilia as a design element creates a relaxing environment for visitors to the farm, encouraging stress relief from hectic modern lifestyles. Through this, visitors will appreciate Singapore’s food security practices while enjoying healthy, fresh local produce. This project is also shortlisted as a Finalist in the upcoming IDCS Design Excellence Award for the Spatial Design Competition 2021.

In this time of pandemic, social stress levels are higher than ever before. This design creates a warm and engaging environment for clients and employees of the Social Service Office to connect, interact and collaborate in. The design includes a public library for members of the public. In doing so, it seeks to relieve the stigma associated with social help. The design of the space also aims to help social workers and clients feel comfortable even as they work towards resolving difficult personal situations together.

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