Interior Architecture & Design

Tomorrow’s interior designers do not just renovate spaces, they transform spatial experiences. Learn to design interior spaces that adapt to people’s needs while considering location, architecture, and culture. Explore contemporary social issues and constraints that affect the design of interior and architectural spaces. Study global trends in lifestyle, sustainability, and social change. Learn to see the big picture in design, which will help provide thoughtful, human-centric, and balanced solutions to complex design problems. In a fast-changing world, this course prepares you to become a highly adaptable designer who can work beyond silos, engaging with other disciplines that go beyond design alone.

Why Us?

Can’t decide between Interior Design and Architecture? This is the only course in a polytechnic that covers both interior design and architectural design.

Play with lights! Learn the importance of good lighting in interior design as you experiment with different lighting styles in the Lighting Lab. A first in a polytechnic, this is a unique lab dedicated to lighting design.

Recognised by the Board of Architects Singapore, you can get up to two years of university study waived when they enrol in an architecture degree programme.

Our Student Projects

Our Own by Zhou Anqi

自己人 / OUR OWN is a space designed for diminishing Chinese clans in Singapore, aimed at recruiting and onboarding new members, sustaining the association, providing new opportunities and meaning, as well as inspiring young Singaporeans to learn about their history and roots. Inspired by Chinese symbols and local shophouses, where clans are mostly located, the concept revolves around the theme of unity and reunion, no matter the location of the ancestral home, dialect or surname.


  • Overall Best Student Design | SIDA Youth Award 2022 – Exhibition Design
  • Gold | SIDA Youth Award 2022 – Exhibition Design
  • SIA-YAL Inter-IHL Cross Crit – Commendation Exhibition Design
RE:VERSE by Ng Leyi

RE:VERSE is a sustainable fashion retail store that redefines the fast fashion industry through the circular economy.

This interactive in-store shopping experience hopes to raise awareness about the environmental issues caused by fast fashion. It was created to inspire consumers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle while also addressing the future of retail in a post-pandemic world.


  • Overall Best Student Design | SIDA Youth Award 2022 – Retail Design
  • Gold | SIDA Youth Award 2022 – Retail Design
  • Sustainability Design Award 2022 – Finalist
PADI by Su Zicang

Sustenance is a community isolation facility that provides temporary accommodation for infected patients with mild symptoms in the event of a pandemic such as COVID-19.

This project proposes a modular system that caters to different levels of outbreak and spatial preferences. Aimed at providing sustenance for the infrastructure and its users, units are categorised into different healing archetypes to support the people dynamics in an isolation facility.


  • Winner – Prize for Urban Ideas 2022
  • Silver – Silver SIDA Youth Award Best in Public Design


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