Product Experience & Design

Learn to create the next generation of appealing smart devices that combine cutting edge tech with beautiful artistry. Gain insight into creating delightful and effective user experiences for banks, hospitality, healthcare, and other non-design fields. Today’s product-design trained professionals are in great demand both in traditional design houses as well all non-design sectors as businesses everywhere recognise the need for good design. Discover how interaction and user experience design can create positive experiences for people. Experiment with different materials, physical product aesthetics, and bring your ideas to life with the latest prototyping processes. Render stunning, life-like visualisations of your idea or product that will wow your clients. Above all, stay on top of the newest emerging global design trends in lifestyle, technology, and innovation.

Why Us?

With more than 30 years in the business as the first product design course in a polytechnic, we are recognised for producing some of Singapore’s top award-winners and entrepreneurs in the product design scene.

Students work with industry-grade equipment and the latest 3D printers to prototype their ideas in one of Singapore’s largest fully-equipped fabrication workshops.

With equipment such as MS HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap, students can use virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality to collaborate and accelerate their design iteration process through interactive real-world digital visualisation.

Our Student Projects

Public Hygiene Re-Imagined

Shared spaces such as public transportation have high volumes of human traffic. Yet, design for hygiene in such spaces is often overlooked. AEGIS is a smart-family of materials that aid as visual indicators of surface hygiene. Not only does the external self-sanitising layer help to kill bacteria and viruses continuously, the colour-changing material also indicates when a surface has been touched and potentially contaminated. Truly, this is visual hygiene awareness for an endemic future.

Sustainable Living

Grubscrub aims to promote sustainable living through a zero-waste lifestyle. Using food waste like eggshells and corn husks to make scrubs, this eco-tool redefines food waste and challenges consumers to think before throwing their waste into the bin. With this, re-using, re-purposing and up-cycling is the way to go into the future.

Design for Good

Imagine a walking stick that enables the elderly to feel confident in their walking journey. +65 is a modern-looking walking stick which aims to help the elderly feel more comfortable and self-assured by providing structural support and sanitary features which enhances the walking experience. Equipped with safety technology, the SOS button enables users to get the help they need and alert their loved ones immediately.


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