Business Process & Systems Engineering

As Singapore strives to be a world-class service centre and logistics hub, there is demand for tech-savvy professionals with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills who can offer solutions to business issues and problems, and add value to their employers. This course, a hybrid of business and engineering, focuses on applying systems engineering principles and business analytics to meet the challenges of today’s digital economy.

Amidst growing manpower constraints and increased competition in the workforce, companies need professionals who are equipped with business skills coupled with the technical know-how to improve their operations. With its strong focus on Business Process Improvement (BPI), you will be in demand by employers. In addition, the broad-based foundation that you receive with will give you an advantage when you further your studies in disciplines such as engineering, logistics, business management, finance and marketing.

Why Us?

Our curriculum incorporates a unique blend of engineering and business, giving you the versatility to succeed in today’s highly competitive markets.

Learn to apply data analytics to the business environment. You will be able to leverage business analytics tools, decision analysis, statistics, computer programming and mathematics knowledge and skills to provide solutions to optimise businesses and enhance productivity.

As this course is aligned with the key pillars of Singapore’s growth engine, and tuned to the business needs of companies in the industry, you will be well-equipped to excel in diverse industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, F&B and retail, or to pursue further studies in many diverse fields.

Our Student Projects

Mobile Application for Hawkers (Major Project, April 2021)

Leveraging digital technologies, our students developed a mobile application that helps to simplify the process for customers to order food from their favourite local hawkers.

This project received a Major Project Commendation award.

Tray Tabletop (Major Project, October 2020)

This tray, designed as part of a table top, aims to encourage users to return their used utensils at hawker centres, keeping tables clean all the time. The table stand is modular, and can be easily adapted to sit two to five persons.

This project received a Major Project Merit award.

Other Awards:

  • Invention Convention 2020, 2nd place (post-secondary category)
  • IDE Academy’s Global Impact Originality Award
Improving Customer Service at McDonald's (Major Project, October 2020)

This project looked at making Improvements to the quality, operational efficiency, and cost effectiveness of McDonald's outlet operations.

It received a Major Project Commendation award.

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