Industry 4.0 is transforming the modern workplace. From basic engineering to cutting-edge technologies, this course prepares you for the new era of advanced manufacturing where humans, machines and systems, communicate and collaborate safely in real time. You will learn to master the application of robotics, automation, 3D printing and data analytics in technological areas such as cyber-physical systems, virtual manufacturing as well as machine vision and pattern recognition.

With increasing consumer demand for customised products and smart digital services in growth areas such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, artificial intelligence, precision engineering and pharmaceutical manufacturing, you will have excellent job prospects!

Why Us?

Through collaborations with industry partners and our Centres of Excellence, you will have the opportunity to work on real-time projects. You will also experience multi-disciplinary training in advanced automation technologies and solutions from industry leaders such as Omron, Siemens, Festo and PTC.

You will have the opportunity to be attached to a leading organisation locally or overseas for student internship to be exposed to leading industry practices and latest technological trends. Selected students can embark on a year-long student internship (compared to 4 months normally), so as to get more in-depth industry experience and a head-start in their future jobs.

The TP-SUTD University Pathway Programme allows you to take university modules during your final year of study, and gain conditional admission into SUTD. You will get a taste of university life during your diploma studies at TP and shorten the time needed to get your degree!

Our Student Projects

Digitalisation of Legacy Machine (Major Project, April 2021)

This project showcases how advanced manufacturing technologies can help companies gather more data to boost productivity and gain insights into how they can reduce operation and production costs. Ignition software was used to design a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) to track the performance of emulator legacy machines. A fully built SCADA system was also successfully designed by our students.

This project received a Major Project Merit award.

Improvements for Mobile Manipulator (MoMa) (Major Project, April 2021)

In this project, our students deployed a MoMA to a customer production line to perform automatic transfers of magazines between machines and racks. These magazines contain parts which are required to go through different machine processes. The MoMA is composed of a collaborative robot with a built-in vision system, PLC, HMI Panel and an autonomous vehicle. The project was successfully implemented and managed to fulfil a customer’s requirements.

This project received a Major Project Commendation award.

Gesture Recognition Kit (Major Project, April 2020)

Gesture recognition using an accelerometer is an emerging technique for gesture-based interaction. This project aims to program and develop a hand gesture-based recognition kit that would include a smart glove, a gesture-controlled car game, a gesture data visualization program, a wireless data transmission system and a working prototype of a gesture-controlled car.

This project received a Major Project Merit award.

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