Social Sciences in Gerontology

With a rapidly ageing population, our seniors need to stay healthy, engaged and active. This also signals an accelerated demand for qualified practitioners in the health and social service sector.

Through this course, develop skills to communicate effectively with older adults and collaborate with community stakeholders to mobilise resources, design and implement programmes for healthy ageing.

Join us and play your part in building an age-inclusive society for Singapore.


Singapore’s only diploma specialising in healthy ageing to support the evolving needs and aspirations of the silver generation. A future-proof diploma that prepares graduates for growing job opportunities in the Care Economy.


The Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology (GEM) offers a multidisciplinary curriculum facilitated by a diverse teaching team from Gerontology, Nursing, Psychology, Research, Social Work, and Marketing.


Benefit from practical and future-ready training that is informed and supported by strong industry linkages in the Health and Social Service sectors.

Our Student Projects

The project was conceived from a collaboration with Apex Harmony Lodge and involved designing and creating game content for use with an immersive technology game platform for individuals with dementia. Two groups of students from the Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology (GEM) participated in this project.

The development of the game content incorporated evidence-based elements such as cognitive training principles, reminiscence, senior-friendly design, and localised context. The games also include positive reinforcement and motivational elements to sustain the players’ interest. The developed content will be used to engage the residents at Apex Harmony Lodge to achieve positive outcomes.

1st Prize for e-Poster Competition by Gerontological Society of Singapore (2021)

Students: Aarti Bhagwan Jagtiani, Danish Arman Zackary Bin Mohammad Rizal, Gita Mohan Harjani, Wong Pei Fen Alicia, Yang Yingyan Claris

Due to COVID-19, non-essential community services were suspended during the Circuit Breaker. Many raised concerns about the mental health of older adults, especially those who were already socially isolated pre-pandemic.

Together with South East Community Development Council (SECDC)’s Community Lab, GEM students embarked on a project to understand the impact of the pandemic on older women’s mental health and the barriers that prevent them from seeking help and support. The students then developed recommendations to overcome these barriers and improve the accessibility and effectiveness of mental health resources.

3rd Prize for e-Poster Competition by Gerontological Society of Singapore (2021)

Students: Aqila Bte Azman, Fabella Marie Joseph, Nur Ayesha Bte Zulfikkar Ali, Siti Aisyah Bte Mohd Yazid, Yasmine Bariza Bte Bahari



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