Applied Artificial Intelligence

Does the exciting world of smartphones, chatbots, Siri and Alexa excite you? Then Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the course for you! We see AI transforming our daily lives. From analysing online search patterns, to identifying your favourite movie genres and shopping habits, and accelerating the development of vaccines for COVID-19, AI is indeed a vital function in Singapore’s drive towards becoming a Smart Nation.

Learn more about the fundamental concepts of AI, how it can be applied, and how smart applications can be created. You’ll also be exposed to machine and deep learning, and be equipped with the necessary skills to develop smart applications that are useful for commercial businesses, healthcare, education, transportation and manufacturing. Join us and be at the forefront of creating new technologies for tomorrow!

Why Us?

Our AI Application Centre provides a showcase of innovative AI solutions created by staff and students, in collaboration with industry partners.

Gain access to and learn more about leading technologies through our partnerships with key industry players such as NVIDIA, IBM, Huawei and SenseTime.

Take up the Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Certification Programme offered to our students by NVIDIA and gain a competitive edge when you apply for jobs.

Our Student Projects

Autonomous Car

Discover how autonomous vehicles work, how they recognise road signs and avoid knocking into pedestrians and objects. Each vehicle has a camera that detects lanes on a road, traffic signs and traffic lights. They also come with sensors to detect objects. Learn about the AI that propels smart vehicles.

Scissors, Paper, Stone

Discover how object recognition is applied to create smart games. This application recognises your hand signs (scissors, paper, stone) and then generates its own response to play with you. Check out if you can beat the computer at this game and discover more about object recognition in the process.

  • Crowbar Awards 2020 - Silver in Short Film, Directing, Editing and Cinematography; Bronze in Art Direction
  • New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Finalist
Google Glass

Wear our google glass and check out how it detects and tags objects that you see through these cool glasses. This project showcases how AI can be incorporated into wearables. Imagine if you could wear a glass like this when shopping. It would give you an awesome shopping experience.

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