Big Data & Analytics

Think Netflix, Amazon, Instagram – how do these companies always seem to know what you like or want, even before you do?

Therein lies the power of Big Data, which is taking the business of data-driven decision making to great heights! It is an exciting time for professionals in this field as you work with data using analytics tools, providing insights to understand and improve businesses, products and services. Through this course, you will also receive broad-based training, integrated with real-workplace experience through internships, mentorships and project collaborations with industry partners.

Look forward to exciting job opportunities as you graduate with industry-recognised certifications that will give you an advantage in the field of analytics!

Why Us?

All students will graduate with a Diploma in Big Data & Analytics and a SAS professional certification which provides them with a competitive edge when seeking data analyst jobs.

Excited to work with the likes of Shopee, eBay, Starbucks, United Overseas Bank, GovTech, CapitaLand and many more? This course offers you just that! Learn from the best as you pursue internship opportunities and gain an invaluable once in a lifetime opportunity.

Get excellent hands-on experience at our Analytics Innovation Centre that is powered by SAS which is a world-renowned analytics company. At this Centre, you will be exposed to comprehensive business intelligence and analytics skills in a data-rich environment.

Our Student Projects

BDA Trivial Pursuit

Play our web-based platform game and learn something new! When you finish a level, your gaming statistics and data will be displayed. Data gathering and analysis are critical and they are used in games to enhance the player experience.

TPEBot- TP Personalised Education Bot

Studying late into the night, on weekends, or even in another class. These are common experiences in every Polytechnic course, including adult programmes. What happens when students have a question and aren’t sure who to ask for a reliable answer? They can now turn to Chatbots as their personalised learning assistants! Tutors can also perform learning analytics with the chatbot logs to bridge classroom gaps and improve teaching practices.

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