Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

In an increasingly digitised world, anyone of us can become the prime target of hackers who attempt to access our computer systems to steal account details, demand money through ransomware and plant malware and viruses that compromise our systems.

Learn to protect, secure and defend computing and information systems, applications and networks. Should a cybersecurity breach occur, you will be able to retrieve and reconstruct the evidence, investigate the cause and advise on how to prevent further attacks.

You will also gain hands-on training at the Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing & Testing Lab, a cyber-range set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and will be able to look forward to investigating live malware samples in our new and secure Malware Analysis Centre. 

Join us in the fight to protect our information and computing systems from cyber-villains today!

Why Us?

Gain exclusive access to a first-of-its kind Malware Analysis Centre in the ASEAN region and obtain in-demand skills today!

Eager to learn and obtain scholarships from major players in the industry? Our strong industry partnerships with ST Engineering, Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike will help you do just that!

Experience what it’s like to work on real-life cybersecurity projects, go on overseas study trips and conferences to beef up your skills and knowledge, in preparation for an exciting career ahead.

Our Student Projects

Smart Alexa Planter

The Smart Alexa Planter was created to prevent overwatering of plants. It enables automatic watering through voice command and stops watering when the soil is saturated. When it rains, the app has the ability to gauge whether there is any need for more water. A timer can be set to water the plants.

The Hacker's Playground

Check out the Hacker’s Playground which serves as a comprehensive, beginner-friendly sandbox environment revolving around a simulated corporation. Its sole purpose is for students who are interested in cybersecurity to enhance their "hacking" skills and practice what they have learned in a fun yet challenging way.

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