If you’re excited about the world of Gaming and are familiar with terms such as BR (Battle Royale), FPS (First Person Shooter) and RPG (Role-Playing Game), this course is right up your alley!  

Learn how to create your own games from scratch by equipping yourself with a strong understanding and experience of the game production pipeline. You will also get the opportunity to learn from and work alongside experts, who’ve created some of the world’s best-selling video game titles. 

Our use of industry leading tools from Unity will give you a unique advantage to power up in this industry. You’ll even be able to earn recognised and valued game industry certifications while you’re at it.

GGWP (good game, well-played) 

Be equipped with skills not only to thrive in the entertainment and gaming industry, but in sectors such as healthcare and media too!

Try your hand at developing your own games at the Serious Games Hub. By embarking on an entire game production from conception to game design and production, you’ll be able to gain valuable real-world experience, giving you an edge over others.

Gain valuable experience working with clients like MINDEF, NTUC, Indie Game Companies to hone your skills.

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