How does my Grab app locate the nearest available driver? How does my home know to turn on the lights five minutes before I get there? The answer is Information Technology.

Information Technology influences nearly every aspect of human activity today. From communication and education to healthcare, transportation, entertainment, finance and business.

Demand for IT professionals will continue to rise exponentially. In this course, you will acquire outstanding programming and software development skills. You will also learn to incorporate AI, data analytics and other important technologies to enhance the applications you develop.

Join us and embark on an exciting tech journey with immense job opportunities! 

Get your skates on to becoming a versatile application developer, with strong skills in machine learning and agile methodologies for projects in IT.

With our long history of excelling in National and Regional competitions, TP students have no doubt proven their mettle in the ICT sector!

Work on innovative projects with industry clients at our Agile IT Solutions Centre and gain deep practical skills to prepare you for the future of IT. Also leverage on opportunities to acquire industry certifications in areas such as programming and data analytics.

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