Important message for students & visitors


COVID-19 Safe Management Measures


1) Students entering Temasek Polytechnic are required to Activate TraceTogether (TT) App on your mobile devices or have the TT token.  You may download TraceTogether free from App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android mobile device users.


2) Do your Safe Entry check-in using the TraceTogether Safe Entry (TTSE) on the TT App.  After scanning the TP QR code using your TTSE, you may then wish to save TP in “Your Favourite Places” in the TT App for subsequent check-ins.


3) Please do not come to campus and inform the Programme Officer if:

  • You are unwell;
  • Persons living in the same house as you are unwell;
  • Persons living in the same house as you are issued with a Quarantine Order (QO);
  • You have been sent for a swab test; or
  • You have worked or volunteered in an environment with a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days e.g. swab-test site, foreign worker dormitory, isolation facility, and patient transport.


4) If you, or persons living in the same house, are on MC or QO and sent for a swab test, you must not come on campus for the entire duration of the MC or QO, even if the COVID-19 test is negative.


5) Drivers can enter & exit via the East & West Gate.


6) Pedestrians may enter the campus only via the Main Foyer and the Overhead Bridge leading to the Plaza.


7) Pedestrians may leave campus through both the East and West Gates, in addition to the Main Foyer and the Overhead Bridge.


8) For those who are being dropped off, please alight only at the Main Foyer, where the roundabout is. Drop-offs within the campus is strictly disallowed.

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