Upcoming Courses

  • 24 May 21: SII will be hosting a complimentary webinar named “Data Protection: The Importance of Data Security and Privacy for Businesses” on 30 June 2021 from 9am to 4.30pm. This online event is recommended for all from Data Privacy and Protection professionals to the Individual who would like to gain more knowledge on PDPA. Please click here for details and registration.


  • 17 Sep 20: SII will be conducting a complimentary webinar named “SGUnited Jobs and Skills – Upskill in Security Operations Webinar” to allow interested parties to gain better understanding of the security industry, the job roles, the skills set required as well as the training available at SII to enable career transition and progression. Please click here for details.


  • 27 May 20: SII is pleased to offer the following new workshops:


    1. WSQ Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act
      Target Audience: Data Protection Officers, Members of Data Protection Teams, Risk and Compliance Officers, Lawyers and Audit Personnel. Personnel in HR, Administration, IT, Operations, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales and Business Development who need to handle personal data, as well as Entrepreneurs and Business Owners will also benefit from the course.

      Please click here for details.


    2. Practitioner Certificate for Personal Data Protection (Singapore)
      Target Audience: Data Protection Officers, Privacy or Legal Counsels, Compliance Officers, Lawyers, Human Resource Executives, IT Executives and Administration Executives

      Please click here for details. 


  • 2 April 20: SII is pleased to announce the trial introduction of an accelerated version of “Recognise Terrorist Threats” course at the Temasek Polytechnic Campus. Instead of completing the course in 3 days (2 days of training at 8 hours per day and assessment on day 3), trainees will be able to complete the training in 2 days (12 hours on day one, 4 hours on day two and assessment on the afternoon of day 2). The accelerated classes are from April to September 2020 and will be scheduled in the 3rd week of every month. Please view our course calendar for the dates here.  


  • 11 Feb 20: The “Smart Video Analytics & Applications” workshop has been postponed until further notice by our co-organiser Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd due to the prevailing Coronavirus situation. SII apologises for the inconvenience.


  • 8 Oct 19: SII is glad to introduce multiple new courses. “Develop Outcome-Based Security Contract”, “Growing in the Digital Economy“, “Introduction to Red Teaming”, “How to Conduct Red Teaming Exercise”, “PDPA for Security Agencies”, “Critical Infrastructure Protection” and “Making the Right Technology Choice”. Please click here for details.

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