Blogs | Temasek Polytechnic When Love Conquers All Daryl Lim, who graduated from the Diploma in Mechatronics (Merit) in May 2011, found not only academic fulfilment, but also love, at Temasek Polytechnic (TP).  Read his story... 

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My Fruitful Mechatronics Journey Jiang Hai Xiang, who graduated with a Diploma in Mechatronics (Merit) in 2018 with a cumulative GPA of 3.87, recalls the challenges he faced during his 3-year course, and offers some tips on how to do well.  

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BIO Students Clinch Merit Award at Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award (TKKYIA) 2017 BIO students have clinched the Merit Award in the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award (TKKYIA) 2017. 

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ECS study trip to Melbourne 23 Sept to 30 Sept 2017 22 students visited Victoria Polytechnic, attended workshops conducted by the faculty of the Victoria Polytechnic and visited three day care centres of which two centres were awarded Centres of Excellence.

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Students Investigate Causes of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Laotian Women Four FSN students had the opportunity to investigate the causes of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant Laotian women.

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Service-Learning Program in Oubmoung Primary School Vientiane 20 FSN students collected anthropometry data to assess the nutritional status of Laotian primary schoolchildren as part of their week-long service-learning program.

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ASC Students Discover Perth! How is the popular sweet and chewy nougat made? The famous swans are black … but what kinds of colours can kangaroos be?

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Temasek Polytechnic Working with NTUC FoodFare to Formulate Low GI Pizzas Students and staff from the two courses, Applied Food Science and Nutrition and Baking and Culinary Science have developed a range of low-GI frozen pizzas in six flavours, which will be sold at FairPrice stores.

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ASC Students Participate in World Diabetes Day 2016 Year 2 and Year 3 students from the Diploma in Applied Food Science and Nutrition (FSN), participated in WDD to promote healthy eating to prevent and manage diabetes.

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Two Best Friends Team Up in Lao Service Learning Programme BFFs Joslyn and Nawirah enjoyed their first service-learning trip so much that they signed up for the second one three months later!

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Beauty With a Difference As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations, Apparel Design & Merchandising students take the runway with boys and girls with disabilites to show that beauty is inclusive, and should be celebrated.

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Digital Film & TV Alumni Take Gold at 18th Digicon 6 Competition “Vengeance is Mine,” a short film created by the Digital Film & Television Alumni has won gold at the 18th Digicon 6 Awards.

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Overcoming Fear of the Unknown What is Man’s greatest fear?  Ask Saifuddin, and he would say it’s the fear of the unknown.  Venturing into Poly life, he confronted and conquered his fear of what laid ahead.  Find out if he did it.

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Magical Transformation Self-confessed wimp, Lim Wan Sin, entered TP as a shy, introverted and tentative individual.  But three years later, she left as an accomplished and confident young lady.  What did she do?

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Get In Early! Worried about not doing well enough at your ‘O’ levels to get into the diploma course that you want?  Fret not, you can always get into the course that you want, via the Early Admission Exercise (EAE) – formerly known as the Direct Poly Admission (DPA).  Find out how one student successfully used this method to fulfil his dreams.

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Wonder Girl It’s nobody, nobody but Kum Ji Weon.  This top student, who is from Korea, drew her inspiration from Kimchi.  Find out how this age-old Korean dish can offer many life-enriching lessons for all of us. 

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From Good to Bad to Best Check out this heartwarming story of how a rebellious ITE student with no interest in his studies, turned over a new leaf after meeting a girl during his part-time job.  Motivated by his feelings for her, he worked hard to become one of the top students at TP…

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To Follow Or Not To Follow? If you think that the majority is always right, think again.  Following the crowd is not always the best, as Lucas Tung found out when he followed his classmates to a JC after his ‘O’ levels.  Switching to a Poly education brought out the best in him.  Read his story…

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Soaring Above Others Have you ever wished you could pilot a plane and take to the skies in an aircraft?  Many do, but not many make it thru the tough flying programme at the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC).  Tessar Goh – the first female student from TP to obtain her “wings” -- succeeded.  Find out how she did it.

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California Dreaming Care to visit San Francisco, California, with your course mates?  Constant Kwong had to chance to do just that as part of a study trip organised by his course, the Diploma in 3D Interactive Media Technology.  Read about his trip…

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