News | Temasek Polytechnic No More Queuing at Supermarket Checkouts! 5bb81e428c709610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2019-02-20 No More Queuing at Supermarket Checkouts! Some 20 final-year projects by BIT students which will be on showcase to the public on Wednesday, 20 February 2019.

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Innovation & Passion – A Winning Combination at the Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition Six junior students from the Diploma in Financial Business Informatics (Teo Xuan Ming, Teo Wei En, Peck Qi Long Bryan, Lee Chang Hwee, Brendan Khow Bo Ren and Shinta Karolina Bek) emerged as First Runner-Up at the Junior Achievement Company of the Year (JA COY) Competition 2018 held on 2 February 2019.

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#TPThrowbackThursday - Feb 2019 Check out the third issue of #tpthrowbackthurdsay.

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Engineering students show their business prowess Invent a product, market it, and get rich!  Easier said than done, of course.  But a group of students have a workable plan to achieve that!

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Riding their way to a greener environment A unique invention by students from the Diploma in Clean Energy allows you to help save the earth each time you hop onto a shared bicycle!  Find out how…

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TP Students Spearhead 99%SME Retail Carnival to Promote Local Businesses Organised by 75 second-year students from Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) School of Business, the retail carnival is part of an ongoing partnership between TP and OTH, to enhance student development and community engagement. 

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Increase in Polytechnic Graduates Employed Within Six Months of Graduation in 2018 41ca98c236e48610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2019-01-15 How TP Engineering Scholarship can benefit you What’s so good about the TP Engineering Scholarship?  Final year Engineering student, Shanmugam, tells us what it’s like – good and bad – as a TP Scholarship holder…

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Working With Thought Leaders at The International Swiss Talent Forum 2019 Cassandra Yip Ai Lin, a Biotechnology student and an NYAA Gold Award recipient in 2018 has been selected by the NYAA Council to represent Singapore at the International Swiss Talent Forum from 6 to 9 February 2019.

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Harvard Book Prize Award for Passionate Volunteer Selva Raju S/O Arumugam has always been very clear in what he wants to achieve for the community.

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Our Students - Rayner Tan Xue Wen Having programmed since the age of 13, he has created an impressive repertoire of games - some award-winning - ranging from PC games to games for iOS and Android.

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Our Students - Tan Wang Leng In addition to the 20 distinctions, 9 A’s and the outstanding cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.94 he amassed, Wang Leng also did brilliantly in the four additional subjects he took under the Diploma Plus Programme and three online courses by Stanford University professors on Coursera.

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Get a TP Engineering Scholarship! New scholarships – just for Engineering students – are up for grabs.  Find out how you can get this scholarship which comes with not just a cash handout, but also sponsorship for overseas trips…

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Our Students - Solomon Tan Teng Shue Solomon has been accepted into DigiPen Singapore to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design.

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Our Students - Lee Wei Sheng Darren Right from the start, Darren showed himself to be highly analytical and creative. He aced all his subjects and sustained a perfect cumulative grade point average of 4.0, accumulating 17 distinctions and 14 A’s in the process!

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#TPThrowbackThursday - Jan 2019 Check out the second issue of #tpthrowbackthursday.

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Refreshing invention by Mechatronics students An invention by Mechatronics students makes its debut at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019, bringing much needed refreshment. Find out what it is…

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Turning a Passion into a Profession: WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) Competition for Chemical Laboratory Technology Two Applied Science students will be taking part in the WorldSkills Singapore Competition in the Chemical Laboratory Technology category in January 2019.

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People’s Association and TP collaborate for a vibrant Tampines Community 2f8810df367e7610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2018-12-26