News | Temasek Polytechnic GEM lecturer, Fairoz Ahmad, releases a short story collection Our very own Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology (GEM) lecturer is now a published author! Fairoz Ahmad has recently released his collection of short stories, titled Interpreter of Winds, with Ethos Books.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Aerospace students design space debris destroyer to clean up the galaxy.  Find out why and how…

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Introducing Padlet for Staff! All TP staff are given an account with Padlet, an online teaching tool. Use Padlet to create virtual walls, spark discussion in the classroom, or to share links and multimedia with students!

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More industry exposure for poly students Poly students to get more exposure to industry under a new talent development collaboration programme.  Find out more…

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Spotlight on our vet Dr Neo Peici ca5a5410b53ff610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-30 Fashion Reviewed: TP Open House 2020 Move over Met Gala, there’s a new fashion ball in town! From 9 – 11 January, Temasek Polytechnic’s Open House 2020 saw students and visitors alike come out to play. Here are some of the event’s most iconic looks, reviewed for your pleasure.

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Welcome to School of Engineering! Check out our Engineering courses, redeem free gifts, snap interesting selfies, and have fun too!  It’s all happening at our annual Open House @ TP.  Find out more…

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Cleaner air in your neighbourbood If you notice that the air around your HDB estate is cleaner and fresher, thank these students from the Diploma in Clean Energy!  Find out why…

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Journeying Beyond the Decade: CHAT marks 10th Anniversary with a Carnival at *SCAPE 31af345c1ec7f610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-07 I see your support, but that does not mean I’ve received it: A commentary on the #IHEARYOU campaign,-but-that-does-not-mean-ive-received-it-a-commentary-on-the-ihearyou-campaign 5f52345c1ec7f610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-07 Temasek Polytechnic Women’s Touch Rugby clinches first runner-up in POL-ITE Nia Sarah
Temasek Polytechnic (TP) women touch rugby team may not have clinched gold in the POL-ITE tournament but that did not diminish the sense of victory that they felt afterwards.

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An Opportunity for a Brighter Future e25f345c1ec7f610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-07 TP students join Cross Country event to relieve stress 9eee345c1ec7f610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-07 A Peranakan welcome to Singapore Visitor Centre @ Kim Choo Kueh Chang c4b1345c1ec7f610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2020-01-07 Flying the Singapore flag high Mechatronics students Ryan and Travis fought alongside their volleyball teammates at the SEA Games in the Philippines.  Read all about their valiant endeavour…

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Sustaining a green façade Students from Diploma in Integrated Facility Management invent innovative irrigation system for vertical gardens on building facades.  Find out how it works…

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Cool invention wins award Want to reduce your home utilities bill and combat climate change at the same time?  Then check out this cool invention!

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A robot to keep our beaches clean Students from Diploma in Clean Energy invent autonomous robot to keep our beaches clean.  Find out how this award-winning robot works.

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AY2020 Tuition Fees for Temasek Polytechnic 9598b58c5d1fe610VgnVCM10000011071cacRCRD 2019-12-13 Engineering students have more fund Engineering students and staff set up mini street-market on campus to raise funds for the Campus Care Network (CCN) in aid of needy students.  View our photos galore…

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