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Course Overview

This 18-month programme, jointly offered by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP), will enhance your competency at the workplace while you take up skills-based modular courses from the Bachelor of Science in Facilities & Events Management degree programme. You may also receive credit recognition for entry into the undergraduate degree programme in the facilities and events management field.

Application/Entry Requirements


Eligibility Criteria


Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents who are within three years of either graduation OR the Operationally Ready Date (ORD) for National Servicemen from the following full-time programmes.


The Sign-on Incentive is only applicable for Singapore Citizens.


Feeder Programmes

  • Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management (NP) 

  • Diploma in Integrated Events Management (RP) 

  • Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (SP) 

  • Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management (SP) 

  • Diploma in Integrated Facility Management (TP) 

  • Diploma in Leisure & Events Management (TP) 

  • Diploma in Green Building & Sustainability (TP) 

  • Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (TP) 

  • Diploma in Clean Energy (TP) 

  • Other relevant programmes

What You'll Learn

SUSS-TP Joint programme in Business and Service participants are required to complete a total of 45 Credit Units or 9 SBMC curated from SUSS’s Bachelor of Science in Facilities and Events Management programme over 3 semesters.  Three SBMCs must be completed in 1 semester, i.e. 6 months.  Participants must complete the course within 18 months.

Subject Code Skills-Based Modular Courses
FEM101 Building Services^

FEM101 Building Services provides students an insight into the principles and design of mechanical and electrical building services systems. Building services include air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, high and low tension system, standby system, plumbing (hot and cold water supply), sanitary and gas system, fire protection system, lifts and escalators. Relevant local standards and regulations will also be covered in this module

BPM113 Construction Technology^

BPM113 Construction Technology provides students an insight into building components and construction methods. Topics include structural systems, architectural components and finishes, construction sequence and building erection. The type of structural system and architectural components selected, be it vertical or horizontal members, influences operation and maintainability, particularly during building upgrading. Architectural finishes vary in their durability and cost to maintain. For construction, the student will appreciate how a building is put together or erected and why sequence can cause problems if the functionality of a component is not considered.

FEM111 Fire Safety Management ^^

FEM111 Fire Safety Manager is a professional certificate course issued by BCA Academy and accredited by Singapore Civil Defense Force. It is a 24 hours vendor course with theoretical and practical training. The course covers principles of fire and fire safety design and management, and topics such as fire safety act and regulations and formulation of emergency response and evacuation plan. The course prepares students for the duties of a Fire Safety Manager.

Participants with FSM certification from SCDF can be exempted from FEM111 Fire Safety Management Course

Subject Code Skills-Based Modular Courses
BPM213 Procurement Management ^

BPM213 Procurement Management provides students an understanding of the procurement process for construction projects. It covers tendering procedures and the preparation of tender documents. Topics include traditional procurement methods, design & build, management contracting, comprehensive contracts, two-stage tendering etc, evaluation and award. Writing of simple specifications and descriptions for works and services will also be covered.

FEM205 Venue & Space Management ^

 FEM205 Venue and Space Management will equip students to evaluate, plan, manage and operate spaces at venues for events and facilities management in this course. It covers layout of site and floor plans, traffic circulation routes, allocation of space for front of the house activities, event areas, event services & supports and visitor management, planning of security & emergency/ evacuation routes. The course also looks at temporary set-up of facilities and logistics involved and maximizing the value of space and assets owned or rented by an organization.

FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management ^^

FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management provides an overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it can be applied to facilities management. The objective of the course is to enable the undergraduates to read and navigate the BIM software, and to impart knowledge of best building information modeling practices and techniques to improve facilities management practices such as venue and space management

Subject Code Skills-Based Modular Courses
FEM207 Events planning, Creation & Management ^

FEM207 Event Planning, Creation & Management aims to provide students the foundations necessary to understand the issues on how to plan, create and implement a diverse range of events. The course covers areas such as strategic planning, creativity, operational resources, marketing and sponsorship, health, safety and risk management of events. In addition, students will be provided with a macro view of the events industry through considering policy issues related to events, and the basis for rational policy making in the events industry.

EMT305 Buildings & Events Regulations & Compliances ^^

EMT305 Buildings & Events Regulations & Compliances provides students with fundamental knowledge required to ensure safety and health of occupiers, workmen and visitors at event venues, in events facilities construction and during events will be covered in this course. Relevant local authorities’ building control regulations, professional practices, standards, licenses, permits and other requirements will also be covered in this module.

FEM105 Materials Technology ^^^

FEM105 Materials Technology provides students an insight into material properties and their applicability in different buildings, facilities and event venues. Key considerations may include speed of construction, balancing durability with expediency and even corporate image. Students learn to evaluate each material that may make up a component, and several sub-systems that may make up a system to serve a function within a building or during an event. Several systems (e.g. weather screens, ventilation fans) would be used to illustrate these considerations so as to demonstrate the rationale for selecting certain materials.

^Each SBMC will be delivered in 18 hours (9-hour facilitated learning and 9-hour e-learning). 

^^Each SBMC will be delivered in 18 hours (facilitated learning)

^^^Offered from January 2021 intake onwards.




Upon successful completion of each SBMC, participants will be awarded the university’s course certificate. A certificate of completion conferred jointly by TP and SUSS will be issued upon meeting the requirement of passing all 9 modules within 18 months (ie. within 3 consecutive semesters).



Progression Pathway


Upon completing the SBMC courses, participants are eligible to apply up to a total of 45 credit units (cu) of credit recognition when they enrol in the relevant SUSS undergraduate part-time degree programme.



Modes of Assessment


The courses in this programme are either written examination or End-of-Course Assessment-based, incorporating both formative and summative assessments. The assessment framework will include a range of coursework assignments, pre-class quizzes and end-of-semester examinations.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the programme, graduates can look forward to role expansion in their work scope. They can also have the option to complete the remaining modules to obtain the part-time Bachelor of Science in Facilities and Events Management programme at SUSS. Please see ‘Course Structure’ for more information.


Please see ‘Course Structure’ for more information.

Course Schedule

Intake Info Application Period Course Duration

January and/or July


18 Months


Please submit the following documents during your submission. Kindly name the files according to the guidelines below. 


1. Resume (filename: Resume-YourName.pdf)
2. Highest Qualification Certificate (filename: Certificates-YourName.pdf)
3. Academic Transcripts (filename: Transcripts-YourName.pdf)
4. NS Completion Certificate, if applicable (filename: NS Certificate-YourName.pdf)


Please note that relevant documents will be forwarded to all participating companies for their selection.


Selection of applicants is at the discretion of the participating companies and participating companies will contact their shortlisted applicants for interview. Applicants have the right to reject the interview if they do not wish to be employed by the company who contacted them.

Only applicants who are hired successfully and placed on this programme by the participating companies will be invited to submit an online application for the Work-Study Post-Diploma Courses.

Course Fees

Category 5CU Non-Laboratory Courses (FEM101, FEM103, FEM203, FEM205, FEM207, EMT305, BUS354)  5CU Laboratory Courses (FEM111 and FMT313)

SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

S$1,167.18 S$366.38

Non-SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents below the age of 40

S$3,096.38 S$971.98

(nett fee payable inclusive of GST)


 One-time application fee of $64.20 (inclusive of GST) applies for Credit Bearing courses.


The SUSS course fees are reviewed annually and may be revised. The University reserves the right to adjust the course fees without prior notice.


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