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Course Overview

This is a bundle of 2 MLCs to be completed together:


1. 7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness

This course outlines clear ways in which you can increase your personal effectiveness, develop habits and strategies to enhance personal and professional lives for peak performance. Embark on a journey with me to make small changes and reap big results!


2. Coaching For Peak Performance

This program aims to develop the coaching skills of leaders. This in turn will enhance learning and overall team performance of their companies. The objectives of this program are:


  1. Clarity of roles between the coach and the coachee.
  2. Understand issues impacting coaching.
  3. Identify coaching moments.
  4. Develop effective coaching skills for peak performance.
  5. Handle difficult coaching moments appropriately.

Who Should Attend

Intermediate/Middle Management, Professionals

What You'll Learn

1. 7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Become a more effective person by taking concrete steps to reject mediocrity
  2. Learn how to have a more positive mindset and turn negative events into opportunities for learning
  3. Adopt the 4 winning attitudes to transform the way you live
  4. Grow your mind to become a wiser person
  5. Take concrete actions to make things happen in your life


2. Coaching For Peak Performance

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the 5 Cs of the Meta Great Coach Model
  2. Identify the 4 reasons why leaders need coaching
  3. Define affinity and identify the factors that build it
  4. Describe the probes for clarity of Action Behaviours
  5. Describe the 7 powerful principles in Affirmation
  6. Identify and describe the 5 Coaching Styles
  7. Identify the 4 Types and 4 Principles of Recovery
  8. Describe the 7 steps to sustain change and performance as a coachee



Mode of Assessment


Reflections, applications, sharing in social media and experiential activities, quizzes










Participants will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion issued by Temasek Polytechnic upon completion of each MLC.

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