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Course Overview

AR and AI have been on the rise with more and more organizations making use of these technologies to attain new high levels of innovation, engagement, and productivity. 

While these technologies sound like a great way to move forward, many companies stumble when faced with the actual implementation of AR and AI. What platforms should I choose? Which parts of my business can I use it for? What are the areas of consideration? If those questions came to mind, then this course will help to bring you one step closer to implementing AR and AI to your organization. After the workshop, you would have been exposed to different applications of AR and AI, case studies from other implementations, as well as be equipped with the considerations needed to make your own implementation a success. 


This 1-day program is designed to help participants: 


  • Understand the background and basics of AR and AI 

  • Understand the business climate surrounding AR and AI today 

  • Understand the different areas where AR and AI can be applied 

  • Understand the scope of considerations in implementing AR and AI 

  • Learn ways to engage their online communities through AR and AI 

  • Gain first-hand experience on using AR and AI through an interactive learning journey

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Training, Operations, and Business Development (Professionals).

What You'll Learn

What is Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence? 

To begin the course, participants will be introduced to the concepts of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, their traditional uses, and how they work. 


Why are Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence the future? 

Next, participants will explore common business and training constraints today, and how Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence can help to bridge such constraints. 


How is Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence used today? 

In this segment, participants will be exposed to case studies of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence implementations, as well as other innovative applications. 


Technology in Action 

In this hands-on segment, participants will utilize both Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to engage on a self-explored learning journey to witness first hand how the technologies work. 


Engaging your Online Community 

Fresh from their hands-on experience, participants will be exposed to the mechanics of engaging their online community through Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. 


How do I start implementing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence? 

To round off the course, participants will be exposed to the considerations behind implementing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence effectively, with discussions on choosing appropriate platforms, identifying appropriate content, and sustainable implementations.





Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Accomplishment upon meeting 75% of the required course attendance.

Course Schedule/Apply

Intake Info Application Closing Date Course Duration

28 October 2022

30 September 2022

1 day

9.00am - 6.00pm


Registration may be closed earlier due to overwhelming response.


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Application Procedures 


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Steps to follow in your application: 

Step 1 - Enter NRIC/ Passport No 

Step 2 - Select ZGF and course commencement date. 

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Course Fees

Fee Type Item Total Fees (w GST)
Full Course Fee S$321.00
SG Citizens aged 39 & below / Permanent Residents S$96.30
SG Citizens aged 40 & above / SME-sponsored SG Citizens & Permanent Residents S$36.30

SkillsFuture Credit Approved. For more details, please click here

With effect from 1 Jul 2020, the Workforce Training Scheme (WTS) will be replaced by Work Support Scheme (WSS), for more information, please visit: 


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