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The TP courses featured in the Modern Services cluster are relevant for working adults who are in, or those who are interested in making a career switch to, these three industries:


  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • ICT & Media

Part-Time Diploma/Post-Diploma Courses

Approximate duration: Courses can range between one to two and a half years


Our part-time diploma and post-diploma courses are designed to equip adult learners, those with working experience and academic qualification, with the knowledge and professional skills to aid their advancement in their industry.

Approximate duration: Each modular course ranges from 30 to 90 hours


Our Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) offer adult learners greater flexibility to either acquire new skills or deepen existing ones as their career progresses. In addition, participants can stack up completed SBMCs towards the attainment of a full qualification, within the validity period.

Accounting for Legal Executives Basic IT Security Big Data Programming Big Data Systems Architecture Brand Building Brand Communication Business Accounting Business Development and Implementation Business Economics Business Environment Business IT & Applications Business Intelligence Fundamentals Business Statistics Client Platform Administration And Management Cloud Computing and Security Cloud Technology Company Law Company Secretarial Practice Computer & Operating Systems Conveyancing Practice Criminal Law Criminal Procedure Customer Engagement Customer Service Management Data Analytics for Business Insights Data Analytics in Financial Services Data Communications And Networking Data Mining Fundamentals Data Security Fundamentals Data Visualization Fundamentals Deep Learning Solutions Development Design and Development of Cloud Solutions Designing for Digital Ecosystem Digital Content Management Digital Investigation and Forensic Techniques Digital Marketing in Tourism Distribution Centre Management Enterprise Networking Enterprise Resource Management Family Law Fintech & Financial Services Forensic Incident Management IT Infrastructure Automation IT Infrastructure Management IT Service Design and Delivery IT Service Desk Management IT Service Orchestration Information Security Management and Audit Integrated Project Internetworking Technologies Introduction to Applied Psychology Introduction to Cloud Architecture IoT Network Technology Law Of Real Property Law of Contract Law of Tort Legal Communication Skills Legal Systems & Methods Machine Learning Solutions Development Management Accounting & Finance Management of Law Office & Court Technology Marketing Principles Mobile Device Management Oral Presentation & Meeting Skills Organisational Behaviour Principles of Behavioural Insights Principles of Deep Learning Principles of Machine Learning Principles of Management Problem-Solving Skills in Business Reports & Business Communication Revenue Management for Tourism Business Robotic Process Automation Security Operations and Analysis Security Vulnerability Assessment Servers Administration and Security Shared Services & Management Social Media Analytics Strategy in Technology Business Virtual Desktop Technology
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Short Courses

Approximate duration: Courses can range between one day to over a week


The SkillsFuture Series are short, industry-relevant training programmes that focus on emerging skills. These courses are ideal for Singaporeans who are keen to either gain a basic understanding or deepen their skills in these areas.

Approximate duration: Learn at your own pace


MLCs are the future of learning! These online courses run on your mobile devices so that you can learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. The knowledge and soft skills you gain from these bite-sized courses can be applied in both your work and personal life.

101 of A Winning Business Plan 12 Essentials of Digital Marketing 5 Strategies for a Stronger Safety Culture & Take your Hotel Service from Ordinary to WOW! New 7-Ups for Personal Effectiveness & Coaching For Peak Performance New ABC of Agile Accounting Entries for Beginners New Agile 360 Behavioural Insights for Business Decisions Big Data for Beginners Career Transitions for Senior Management & Leading with Purpose - A New Paradigm New Coaching for Leaders Corporate Investment Corporate Risk Management Counselling on the Go Delivering Power-Packed Oral Presentations Design Principles for Effective Visual Communication New Design Thinking 1.0 Developing a Strategic Brand Blueprint (Developing Brand Strategy Suite Courses) Embracing Technology in Security Industry Emotion, Personality & Self Esteem Leading Change in An Uncertain World New Employee Grievance, Discipline & Counselling Energy vs Time Management & Understanding Millennials New Engaging the Disengaged New Executing Strategy Effectively & Value-based Leadership During Disruption New Finance for Non-Finance Managers Fundamentals of Cloud Architecture (Introduction to Cloud Architecture Suite Courses) Global Trade How to Lead High Performing Teams New How to Think Again to Transform the Organization & Think Across to Innovate and Collaborate New How to be Agile in A Disruptive World & Am I a Toxic Leader? New Human Centered Design Essentials Introduction to Brand Strategy Introduction to Cybersecurity Introduction to Management Introduction to Social Media Analytics (Social Media Analytics Suite Courses) Leadership In AI & How to Think Ahead to Prepare for the Future New Leadership in Big Data and IoT & The Human Impact of Crisis Management New Leadership in Crisis Management & Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict? New Leading Others Leading, Controlling & Corporate Social Responsibility Management Planning & Organisation Managing Employment Disputes More Effectively & How to Speak so People Really Listen New Managing Meaningful Meetings Motivation & Team Management Organizational Politics & Talent Management And Succession Planning New Pandemic : Business as Usual New Pitching with Loglines Planning Power-Packed Oral Presentations Project Management: 20 Ways to be more Effective Reinventing Your Business & De-escalating Conflict in the New Normal New Self-Leadership & 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management New Talent Acquisition & Management Text Analytics Process (Social Media Analytics Suite Courses) Text Analytics Techniques (Social Media Analytics Suite Courses) The Basics of Successful Entrepreneurship The Secrets of Great Teamwork Top 5 Reasons Why Leaders Fail New Training Needs Analysis Transforming Conflict Into Opportunity & The Leader Who Made the Impossible Possible New Unleashing the Greatness in You New User-Centric Interface Design for Mobile Devices (UI Design & Development Suite Courses) Virtualisation Concepts & Techniques (Introduction to Cloud Architecture Suite Courses)" Visual Logic in User Interface Design (UI Design & Development Suite Courses) Wholeness of the Woman Leader Why Do Leaders Get Derailed? New
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Work-Study Programmes

Approximate duration: Programmes can range between 12 to 18 months



These programmes are specially designed to give fresh Polytechnic and ITE graduates a career head-start. Successful applicants will be matched with a job and company related to their discipline of study, to undergo a structured training programme. Participants in the programme can also look forward to a structured career progression pathway within the organisation.

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