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Welcome to the TDS Alumni Network!

The TDS Alumni Network seeks to bring together a talented group of creatives and professionals with a shared educational experience that has moulded their attitudes and shaped their thinking, giving them a distinctive edge in every field they now represent.

The TDS Alumni Network aims to:-

  • (Re-)Establish connections and foster interaction between alumni, staff and the TDS community
  • Extend and develop viable opportunities for meaningful collaboration to take place
  • Promote and facilitate continuous learning and engagement amongst TDS alumni

If you are an alumni of Temasek Design School, we invite you to update your particulars so that you can stay updated with the latest news and happenings in the School.

If you have any news to share, or thoughts on how to make the TDS Alumni Network a vibrant and exciting community, do send us an email at deshotline@tp.edu.sg. We value your feedback and engagement with the TDS Alumni Network!


Madeline Lester giving a lecture

Madeline Lester, President of IFI and also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Interior Architecture Design at University of New South Wales, gave a talk organized specially for our Interior Architecture Design Juniors. As a design academic and practitioner, she shared with the students some important tips to preparing a professional portfolio, which could effectively demonstrate their creative ability, technical proficiency, as well as design ability and general skill sets.

During her talk, she emphasized that very often in a highly competitive design industry and market, an impressive portfolio is very crucial in the hiring process. She encouraged students to make their portfolio a unique style and a celebration of 3 years of design experience in Temasek Design School. Those who were present at her talk were inspired by her sharing.

Madeline Lester

President of IFI

Adjunct Associate Prof of Interior Architecture Design

University of New South Wales

New digital content possibilities: directions for commercial and business clients

Recently, Temasek Design School had the opportunity to host Vincent Lim as an external examiner for the Final Year projects. With his industry experience and insights into New Media, he was asked to share his views with our students on this subject.

With digital content convergence and the availability of cheaper, faster and more powerful technologies, bandwidth and media platforms, big players like broadcasters and media companies may not control the media space anymore. The media space is more competitive than ever, and options are no longer limited by the number of channels on your remote control or TV set. We now can view content on media devices that never existed 5 or 10 years ago. Viewers have more options than ever. They are highly networked, and can assess a lot more new content through easier means. They want to create their own content, and they want others to watch and comment on their content. Viewers do not wish to be just a passive audience anymore. They want to PARTICIPATE. Furthermore, they are no longer waiting for content. They want it as and when they want it — anytime, anywhere.

What does this mean for commercial content then? It means they will have to be of better QUALITY than ever before to engage the audience. Media content providers must also learn to adapt in this new environment by understanding and meeting the expectations of the new generation of audience. The content must be constantly updated, relevant to their daily lives and delivered in a way that allows them to INTERACT not just with the content, but also with each other about the content.

Even as we manage to cater to this new generation of viewers, the media space is constantly changing and with further innovation. An entirely newer generation of viewers — with newer tastes and requirements & ever hungrier for newer content — will be born in the future. Yet, somehow, each generation of content providers is almost always able to meet the expectations and demands of its own generation of audience. Content will always be in demand. It is how you package it and deliver it.

Vincent Lim Jit Kwang

Big Communications Pte Ltd

Temasek Design School's local and overseas external examiners

Industry captains & Academic luminaries

Meet Temasek Design School's Local & Overseas External Examiners. This distinguished group of design professionals, educators and practitioners assess the works of our students and help us benchmark us against industry standards.

MIT Visit to Temasek Polytechnic


Guests from MIT at Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic was delighted to welcome our distinguished guests from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Comparative Media Studies (MIT CMS). The key faculty members, namely Professor William Uricchio, Professor Jing Wang, Dr. Kurt Fendt and Professor Eric Klopfer, visited the Design School on 9 November.

Professor William Uricchio, Professor and co-Director of the MIT CMS Program and professor of CMS History at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, explained that the team’s visit is a springboard towards considering collaboration opportunities with TP on research and development in Interactive Digital Media (IDM).

On showcase to the MIT delegates were TP’s IDM strengths and capabilities. The guests were given a walk-through of our faculties, ongoing projects, current expertise and technologies available. The visit marks the first of many mooted by the Singapore-MIT GameLab. TP and MIT can look forward to partnerships to further research and development in areas of interactive digital media pedagogy and technology.

For starters, 3 TP students will be selected to spend 3 months in MIT, working alongside game developers and researchers using the latest technology and research in gaming.

Moses Wong, Director of Temasek Design School, is thrilled at the prospect of this collaboration between TP and MIT. He hopes that the joint research in pedagogy and technology will have an overflowing effect on the local IDM scene and bring Singapore closer to the country’s vision of “Intelligent Nation 2015”.

University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle welcomes the application of qualified diploma graduates from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Attached are the Credits offered for a range of Temasek Polytechnic programmes.

Another higher education avenue offered by University of Newcastle in Australia. which welcomes the application of qualified diploma graduates from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Attached are the Credits offered for a range of Temasek Polytechnic programmes.

The following criteria will be considered by University of Newcastle for the purpose of accepting Temasek Polytechnic students to the degree programmes:

  • The applicants will be accepted based on their merits on a case-by-case basis.
  • The period of advanced standing (or number of credits) to be granted/awarded to the applicants may depend on the average grades obtained.
  • In general, applicants need an average grade of B - C in their respective courses, to be granted 1 - 2 years of advanced standing towards a 3 - 4 year degree programme at the University of Newcastle.
  • When required and requested, the applicants will need to submit their 'O' level, 'A' level (if any) and Diploma transcripts and Certificates. Course Outlines may also be required for submission.

Click here to download general articulation letter in recognition of Temasek Polytechnic Diplomas.

University of New South Wales

All graduates interested in pursuing their undergraduate programme + Master's programme can contact UNSW, College of Fine Arts to complete admission procedures.

letter from Board of Architects



The Board of Architects in Singapore has officially informed the Temasek Design School that the Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design from Temasek Polytechnic is definitely on its list of recognised qualification. To learn more, download the letter addressed to all IAD graduates.

Jilin College of the Arts


This is an opportunity open to Temasek Design School Graduates and Final Year Students only.

Undergraduate degree offered by Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun, China.

All Graduates and current Senior students of Temasek Design School who wish to pursue a PRC degree with advance standing to the final year in either
Visual Communication, Environmental Design, Digital Design or
Fashion Design can apply directly to the Jilin College of the Arts in Changchun, China. All applications to the University must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the Director of Temasek Design School.

Registration commences in July each year and if selected, candidates will need to enrol as a student at the University, attend a one-month bridging course at Jilin College of the Arts in September/October of that year. Students can then join the final year cohort and complete their Degree Programme when the academic year opens the following year. This is an excellent opportunity for current Senior students of Temasek Design School to embark on a Degree Programme in one of PRC’s best Design Schools while they are still students of TP. Applicants who need more information can contact Mr Tan Ban Soon (Course Manager/IAD) at bansoon@tp.edu.sg

Note: In order to be awarded with the Bachelors degree, all students must pass the Chinese language test set by the University.


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