TP Animal Clinic - A Learning Enterprise

The TP Animal Clinic is one of four Learning Enterprises at the School of Applied Science. Recently granted a licence by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to operate a veterinary clinic, this new facility enhances Diploma in Veterinary Technology students’ competency in veterinary assistance during pre- and post-animal sterilizations. The Clinic provides training opportunities for Veterinary Technology students to learn and provide veterinary assistance to the veterinarians when they perform surgery on animals. They also help in pre- and post-anesthesia and surgical procedures including animal recovery.

The objective of having a clinic on campus is to hone students’ technical competency in a close-to-real-life veterinary work environment so that they will become competent veterinary technologists when they work in veterinary clinics, hospitals and research animal facilities. Prior to having the clinic, the students could only learn about these procedures in theory as well as in practical lessons without the use of real animals.

 As Danya Selva Kumar (3rd Year Diploma in Veterinary Technology student) says, "There's nothing like actually being in the operating room with the patient! A lot of multi-tasking is involved... At any one point of time, there are so many things happening simultaneously. This internship at the TP Animal Clinic will definitely hone my skills as a Vet Technologist, as I prepare to enter the workforce."


Our Veterinarian Dr June Tan says, 'The TP Animal Clinic is well-equipped to facilitate surgeries and provide animal care. Working in this teaching clinic has further ignited my own passion in this profession. It’s truly been a joy working in the clinic, with such enthusiastic staff members so passionate for our furry companions, as well as training young and motivated students who are so eager to learn.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients and students have to say about the TP Animal Clinic and the service we provide:

“Convenient, comfortable facilities, and approachable, friendly staff.
Overall, good and interesting.”

Siti Aishah, owner of “Manja”, Client

Excellent service and attitude,
friendly environment. Happy to
be here.”

Tsai Shu Chuan, Client

“I could see huge commitment and professionalism in your team.”

Christine Foong, owner of “Tigger”, Client

“This has been a truly enriching experience that has allowed me to gain skills that I can use in the working world.”

Danya Selva Kumar, 3rd Year Diploma in Veterinary Technology student

“Being part of the TP Animal Clinic is an interesting and eye-opening experience.”

Grace Lim, 2nd year Diploma in Veterinary Technology student

“The clinic is affordable and the staff are experienced; your animals are in good hands.”

Joey Lo, 3rd Year Diploma in Veterinary Technology student





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