Director's Message

Welcome to the School of Applied Science (ASC)!

ASC has been training students and serving the industry since 2000. Some may not be aware, but the first applied science diploma at TP was the Diploma in Applied Food Science and Nutrition, offered under the School of Information Technology and Applied Science (ITAS) way back in 1995!

Here at ASC is where you’ll find passionate administrative staff, dedicated lecturers, enthusiastic researchers, and fun-loving, inquisitive students pursuing their love for science.

We are privileged to have in our midst, Ms Tan Lay Khee, winner of the President’s Teaching Award 2018.  Lay Khee was nominated by students and outshone thousands of educators to win this recognition.  We also have students like Cassandra Yip and Darren Chua who believe in their dreams and have made a mark for themselves, in areas that mattered to them.  Cassandra, a 3rd year student, is making a difference through her animal conservation work. She is also a recipient of the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) 2018 Gold Award, and will be representing Singapore at the 8th International Swiss Talent Forum in Switzerland in February 2019. 2nd year student Darren is a multiple award-winning national swimmer who has proven that unwavering focus and commitment can allow one to do well in both sports and studies.

Every student is a gem, some more polished than others when they first join, but it is a matter of time before each and every one of them finds their strength and shines through, making lifelong friends and lighting the path for others as they blaze new trails…

Success takes many different forms at ASC.  Academic achievement is just one of them.  We celebrate resilience and sportsmanship, and put the spotlight on innovation, but most of all, we value compassion and take great pride in students who help others in need.  We want our students to develop into compassionate leaders of tomorrow, and infuse the world with their positivity, their ideas, and their creations. ASC has changed lives and will continue to create opportunities for students to discover their calling. 

We have done well in pursuing research and innovation, receiving millions in competitive R&D grants annually, both at the national and the international level.  TP is the only polytechnic to-date that has received the Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) grant, and funding from Temasek Foundation Innovates, for R&D projects conducted at ASC. 

There are many long-term industry partners working with our staff and students on projects that bring innovation to market. One such line of product is the low-GI diabetic-friendly ready meals launched in 2018 by NTUC Foodfare, a follow-up to our low-GI pizzas which hit the market in 2017. Also, a molecular-based diagnostic kit was licenced out last year, to help in the early detection of the white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) commonly affecting shrimp farms.

Our R&D and innovation capability translates into deeper skillsets training for both our full-time students and part-time adult learners.  We are proud to be supporting industries in their journey of innovation, while exposing our students to real problem statements from the industry.

Students are the reason why we are here, and industry partners are helping to bring life to our education.  This is an ecosystem we’ve built over more than 20 years, complementing the strengths of one another as we make the future better.  We welcome you to the ASC Family, and be a part of our close-knit ecosystem!


Goh Lay Beng (PhD)
Director, School of Applied Science