'Edible Happiness' Idea Wins 2nd Place in SG50 Local Champions Global Leaders 2015 Competition

Pharmaceutical Science students Shaik M. Hamzah, Rehana Farvin and Goh Zhi Yin won the runners-up (Category A) prize in the SG50 Local Champions, Global Leaders Competition 2015


Organised bySPRING Singapore, Economic Development Board (EDB), and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the competition required student teams to articulate the success story of an assigned company in a medium of their choice. The aim was for local tertiary students to learn more about how our local and Multinational Companies (MNCs) have played a key role in Singapore’s economic growth.

To share the inspiring story behind Gardenia’s success, Shaik, Rehana and Zhi Yin designed a board game. They impressed the judges with their ideas, clear presentation of the assigned company’s story, and their innovative concept, beating more than 70 participating teams from NUS, NTU, UniSIM, NP, SP and other institutes of higher learning. The team members describe their experience working on the winning project below.



Happiness means different things to different people. A seat on the MRT, a cup of hot kopi O, or perhaps a slice of toasted bread with kaya and butter …. Indeed, food, glorious food, is the one thing that has the power to make almost everyone happy!


With that in mind, our team, Titans Pastryology, and Gardenia, our assigned company, decided to have the theme “Edible Happiness Made Healthier - Flavours in Filling the Years (F.I.F.T.Y.)."

Gardenia’s mission is not only to produce tasty bread but also healthy ones for Singapore. As Singapore faces the problem of an aging population, Gardenia wants to spread the importance of a healthy lifestyle - hence, the theme “Edible Happiness Made Healthier.”

“Edible Happiness” refers to Gardenia’s bread, since baking is always associated with love and happiness, and we feel that Gardenia bakes and delivers bread in Singapore to spread love and happiness. “Made Healthier” refers to the Healthier Choice Symbol awarded by the Health Promotion Board, and can be found on many Gardenia breads, including the Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread and Super Soft and Fine Enriched Wholemeal Bread (100%), which meet the nutritional guidelines set by HPB as a healthier choice. In conjunction with SG50, we wanted to have a related theme. Hence the acronym “F.I.F.T.Y.” - Flavours in Filling the Years.


Gardenia has introduced a variety of improved products and refreshing ideas to enjoy bread. Gardenia also prides itself on its Quality Control that helps to ensure only the best quality and freshest bread goes to our consumers daily.

We were therefore very excited to learn more about Gardenia - how it first started, how it has improved and remained the market leader in Singapore over the years. Gardenia is associated with qualities such as good taste, freshness, trust and reliability. These are the values that make Gardenia stand out and stay ahead as the market leader today.

From humble beginnings, it has grown to become a successful SME today. Kudos to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders!  Gardenia has also been giving back to Singapore through various means. Recently, it organised the longest sandwich competition, together with HPB, to promote healthy living among Singaporeans.

As we wanted to engage our visitors in a fun and interactive way, we decided to  design a board game called “Past & Present," incorporating all of the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch).You can see our exhibit, hear the video, taste the Gardenia bread, smell the aroma of the bread and also have hands-on activity with the game. We felt that the concept of a game would promote family bonding and greater interaction between the young and the elderly.

The game was also a platform to spread information about Gardenia and Singapore in a fun and interesting way. Our board game is hand-painted to look like a slice of bread, with different tiles and routes to depict the journey of Singapore and that of Gardenia over the years.

Besides the interactive game, we also had uniquely designed posters that provided more information on Singapore as well as Gardenia. The posters are the “Secret Recipes” to the game as they contain answers to the “Question Cards”.

Additionally, we created a video with upbeat music and important information to engage the young and old. The video also has our personal reflections about the SG50 Competition. We are truly inspired by Gardenia’s courage and passion!

We have enjoyed the entire process, from meeting the Gardenia team, to the final exhibition. We are happy that this competition has provided an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of Singapore!

Signing Off,
Shaik M. Hamzah
Rehana Farvin
Goh Zhi Yin

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