“Roach-IN”… “Roach-OUT!" Combo-Roach Keeps Your Home Cockroach-Free

“Eeeeeeee…. Cockroach !!!”

That sounds common in Singapore. But here, Biotechnology students Yang Wei, Tsi Kgan and Chin Wei have a solution for you to keep your surrounding free from cockroaches. Their innovation, known as “Combo-Roach” is an integrated cockroach management solution. It consists of 3 products – (1) “Roach-IN," which is a cockroach attractant, (2) “Roach-TRAP," which is a sticky board trap, and (3) “Roach-OUT," which is a repellent.

How does this work? Spray some “Roach-IN” on the “Roach-TRAP” and leave this trap with attractant overnight at places frequented by cockroaches. The cockroaches will be attracted and trapped. Then, you dispose of the trap, and need to repeat this if the place is infested with cockroaches. Subsequently, to prevent the return of cockroaches, use “Roach-OUT” which is a spray of air freshener.

The invention is safe, odorless, easy to use and effective. Not just that, it also comes in very attractive packaging which will definitely attract buyers who are disgusted by the appearance of cockroaches!


Figure 1: Poh Yang Wei (left), Wong Tsi Kgan (centre) and Chew Chin Wei (right).


Figure 2: Combo-Roach, An Integrated Cockroach Management Solution.

Project Students: Poh Yang Wei, Wong Tsi Kgan and Chew Chin Wei (Diploma in Biotechnology)

Supervised by: Dr. Chan Giek Far

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