Health Peers

As part of their LEAP 3 Leadership in Action (LIA) program, 80 students from the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science and Biomedical Science took part in the Health Peer Programme Outreach project on the 16th March 2019. This project was done in collaboration with Changi General Hospital and South East Community Development Council (CDC). Health Peers project was launched in 2017 and is in conjunction with the Ministry’s war on diabetes.

Students were trained by health professionals from Changi General Hospital through lectures and role play sessions. The training session equipped them with the necessary skills and knowledge to support residents who are at-risk or are diagnosed with diabetes to lead healthier lives. Students were then able to create more awareness of diabetes prevention and management. The students and staff were deployed to Kampung Chai Chee Garden Hill RC where together, they worked in small teams to introduce the residents to the Health Peers programme.

Students engaged residents with a risk assessment survey; profiling their health and exercise regimes. This helped them to identify residents which were at higher risk for diabetes. They gave them health tips and encouraged residents to go for regular health screenings, after which, they introduced them to the upcoming RC programmes.