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School of Applied Science Students Clinch Top Award in Innovation Competition
by Sasha Fong

A team of three Food Science & Nutrition (FSN) students recently clinched the Most Innovative Award for their Wholegrain Noodle Snack in the Food Innovation Product Award!

Twenty three student groups from six Institutes of Higher Learning including SP, RP, NYP, NUS and NTU, along with their respective food industry partners, participated in this competition that was organised by the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA).

Tan Si Yu, Ng Yun Ru and Carrianne Chin Kaiyan collaborated with industry partner Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd to develop a prototype of two ready-to-eat (RTE) noodle snacks for children.

“Besides working very hard in the laboratory preparing for their FYP and the competition, the students had to pay close attention to shelf life extension and product packaging, which were important judging criteria”, shared ASC’s Dr Mabel Wang Rong, who supervised the team.

FSN graduate Tan Si Yu says she was “surprised by the win and felt a huge sense of accomplishment after eight months of the product development process”. The students worked with Tan Seng Kee Foods to create a fun product packaging that would appeal to school-going children as a healthier snack to have or share between classes.

The winning team took home a cash prize of $500. More importantly, they gained confidence from the invaluable, real-world experience that took them beyond the classroom.

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