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Diploma in Veterinary Technology Study Trip 2017

25 Veterinary Technology students embarked on a study trip to Brisbane, Australia in September 2017. The study trip enabled the students to learn about the different aspects of the veterinary industry, while exploring various career pathways and further education options.

One of the main stops was the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia and Gatton campuses. They also visited the Hidden Vale UQ Wildlife Centre and Australia Zoo where they were given a crash course on Australian wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. At Hidden Vale, lectures and a guided tour of the new facility was led by Associate Prof Peter Murray. He discussed some of the challenges faced by conservationists and shared some of the methods being employed by researchers to preserve the natural environment and native wildlife.

The highlight of the trip for most of the students was the workshop at the Gold Coast Equestrian Centre. Trainers from the centre taught them the basics of equine care, nutrition, husbandry and veterinary care. All the students experienced a hands-on experience with a horsemanship lesson where they learnt how to handle and ride horses.

Two other stops included the UQ Veterinary Medical Centre and the Animal Referral Hospital in Brisbane to learn about some of the advancements in veterinary medicine. Another unforgettable experience was the guided whale-watching tour followed by lectures led by Dolphin Research Australia. They spent the evening at Springbrook National Park doing a nature night walk. Before their trip back to Brisbane, the students also visited Seaworld to get more insights into the kind of research done to enhance marine mammal conservation.

Overall, the trip gave the students a broader perspective of the veterinary industry beyond the classroom, and how they can play a role in the care and conservation of animals.  

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