Extending a helping hand

From left: Vishnupriya Raja Mohan, Belinda Abraham and Megan Tan.

Giving a Voice 
by Kavitha Sundralingam 

Fruitful and heart-warming—was what 17-year-old Law & Management student Vishnupriya Raja Mohan described as her experience of working with people from less-privileged backgrounds. 

Priya, together with her teammates, Megan Tan and Belinda Abraham, has been working with Beyond Social Services, a charity that helps children and youth escape the poverty cycle. They speak to their clients to understand their individual situations better, after which, they proceed to write an advocacy report that will be sent to agencies to support the application of financial aid. 

“We had to ask a lot of questions, and most of the questions were very personal,” said Belinda. 

Speaking to them was the most challenging part. The students took into consideration that certain topics are extremely sensitive and they had to communicate carefully. 

Since August, Beyond Social Services has held workshops for about 20 TP Law & Management students. They’ve had the experience of drafting reports for applications for citizenships, financial assistance and will delve into reports for young offenders using principles of restorative justice. 

“It was an eye-opening experience because we got to meet the people that we are actually helping and it led us to understand their circumstances better,” said Megan, who felt the bond tighten when the clients opened up to her. 

Soon, there was a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards everyday luxuries. From water, food, electricity and shelter, the students felt a great deal about how they should not take these necessities for granted. 

Thankful that they played a part in this initiative, the ladies look forward to lending a hand more in future. 

“TP has taught me to be a more helpful person. I am able to take part in many drives and fund-raising initiatives for different organisations and learn how students like myself can help them,” said Belinda.