Our David is SPH’s Young Journalist of the Year!

by Vimala Christie

David Sun has the proud honour of being the first Communications & Media Management (CMM) graduate to be awarded Singapore Press Holdings’ Young Journalist of the Year award.

Known for breaking stories that have made an impact on society, his efforts have already nailed him two internal Newscom awards for excellence.

One was for uncovering how a shady boss of a tech firm was allegedly sexually harassing interns who were on attachment from NUS. His story led to all polytechnics and three other tertiary institutions to blacklist the firm. He also broke the food poisoning sagas that happened at Spize restaurant and Mandarin Orchard late last year.

His reasons for becoming a journalist

During his internship at TNP, a colleague made him realise he could change lives to a great measure, in journalism.

“I learnt how I could help the marginalised, influence my peers, and even shape policy. I’ve always felt that I needed to do more with my life, to do more for others. Journalism offered me all that, and a salary,” said David.

Interestingly, after his O-Levels, David pursued banking & finance for a year at another poly. During this time, he also undertook some part-time writing jobs and realised his interest in print and online media.

He switched over to TP’s CMM course, which according to him had “a more grounded core in terms of modules that allowed more skill development in the areas of publishing and print.” David started as an intern with TNP in 2011 and went back every year as an intern up until he joined full time in June 2018. His return to TNP also earned him the title, ‘Intern Emeritus’ in the TNP newsroom! David’s time covering crime stories inspired him to pursue a degree in Criminology with the University of Liverpool.

David is honoured and humbled about receiving the award and is very thankful for all who have helped him become who he is today. These include his former CMM lecturers, Mrs Felicia Nah, who gave him a place in the course because he was “so eager”, and to Ms Teh Yee Lin, who gave him the opportunity to work with TNP for the first time.

“Working for TNP is the best thing ever. I always imagine it to be like a never-ending holiday. It’s like waking up and going to a different theme park every day. You don’t know what ride you’re going to take or how many different ones, just like I don’t know what stories I’m going to be chasing or how many,” said David.

TNP Editor, Eugene Wee had this to say about David.

“He is one of the hardest journalists to assign stories to because he is always working on his own stories, which works out great for the paper because they often end up being scoops or on Page 1.”