Diploma in Retail Management

The Diploma in Retail Management has been merged into the Diploma in Marketing and will be offered as a new option in E-Commerce & Retail Marketing from AY2019. 

TP RMT gives you that head start!  

  • Learn broad-based skills with a retail-specific emphasis  
  • Leverage retail strategies to manage a successful business
  • Latest retail management knowledge to gain a competitive edge  
  • Transferable skills and knowledge through experiential learning 
 The knowledge and hands-on experience that learners acquire from this course not only help to facilitate a smooth transition from the classroom to the working environment but the modules offered are also designed to value-add and enhance our local retail standards.

—  Ms Sherri Lim, Chief Park Operations & Revenue Officer, Wildlife Reserves Singapore


 I am inspired by successful retail brands and how the strategic mix of retail and marketing come together. RMT has given me a good standing in retail and so I feel confident in pursuing my career goals in this industry. My favourite subjects were the ones which had a practical, hands-on component to them, like Retail Visual Merchandising and Merchandise Management. We also had opportunities to work with real-life clients in organising an off-campus event; it remains one of the highlights of my time with RMT. We worked together as a team and each member contributed meaningfully to the project..
—Soh Si Min, Diploma in Retail Management alumni, SMU (Bachelor of Business Management) undergraduate


What you will learn

  • Building Retail Business Foundation

    Building Retail Business Foundation

    A dynamic business programme! Your learning is focused on building a strong fundamental business foundation and awareness of the nature and demands of the retail industry.
  • Grooming in Functional Aspects of Retailing

    Grooming in Functional Aspects of Retailing

    Be excited about the potential in retailing! The learning emphasis is on developing the analytical and specialised skills of the functional aspects in retailing through the use of active learning and practical hands-on training.
  • Strategic Retailing & Business Development

    Strategic Retailing & Business Development

    Dreaming of setting up your own business?
    Your learning is centered on the strategic and international aspects of retailing as well as the multi-faceted challenges in conceptualising, implementing and managing a retail business.

TP RMT gives you that head start!  


  • Learn broad-based skills with a retail-specific emphasis  

  • Leverage retail strategies to manage a successful business 

  • Latest retail management knowledge to gain a competitive edge  

  • Transferable skills and knowledge through experiential learning 

Notable Features

  • The only polytechnic diploma course with a strong focus on the business of retail management.
  • Engage in practical training at the upbeat campus retail store, 1st Avenue. Experience what is “IN” for fashion products and visual presentation. Enhance your teamwork abilities and leadership skills through industry projects.
  • Bond with lecturers and fellow students as part of a small cohesive course.

Career Prospects

There are a myriad of career opportunities in retailing. This course provides you with the knowledge and skill sets to excel as retail operations managers, merchandise buyers, visual merchandisers, marketing executives, mall executives and luxury brand executives. Your dynamic career could begin with the luxury brands, online retailers, departmental stores, supermarket chains, furniture and lifestyle retailers or the shopping malls. You could also be an entrepreneur managing your own business!
“The TP interns are enthusiastic, fast learners and responsible. They demonstrate initiative and are always on the lookout for things to learn. They are also willing to take on any task assigned to them and are never afraid to get their hands dirty as they know that the retail business is all about making positive experiences for each customer. The students are the next generation of retailers and it looks like we are in good hands”.

Mr Gerard Cheng
Legal/Contract Senior Director
Isetan (Singapore) Limited

Further Education

While many of our graduates join the workforce or start their own businesses upon graduation, others move on to pursue their further studies, either locally or overseas. Many of our alumni have done us proud in local universities such as NUS, NTU and SMU. Our students also excel in universities in countries such as Australia, Britain, America and Canada.

“When I joined TP, I was very motivated and academically driven as my goal was to enter a local university after completing my diploma. Over the years, I learnt that grades do not define who I am and I have learnt to always attend lessons with a positive mindset; to acquire knowledge and skills I do not possess”.  
Wong Xin Xian
Diploma in Retail Management alumni
NUS (Bachelor of Business Administration) undergraduate

To know more about the degree you can pursue and the advanced standing granted by the various universities, please click this link to access diploma to degree for guidance.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for admission, applicants must obtain 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus Points) and meet the minimum entry requirements of this course. CCA cannot be used to meet the minimum entry requirements.

Minimum Entry Requirements

English Language (EL1)* Grades 1-6
Mathematics (E or A) Grades 1-6
Any three other subjects, excluding CCA Grades 1-6

To be eligible for selection, you must also have sat for at least one of the following subjects: Art/Art & Design, Business Studies, Combined Humanities, Commerce, Commercial Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Higher Art, Higher Music, Introduction to Enterprise Development, Literature in English/ Chinese/Malay/Tamil, Media Studies (English/Chinese Language), Music, Principles of Accounts.

See also the minimum entry requirements for:

Course Structure

TP Core Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

In this subject, you will learn how to conduct research for relevant information and validate information sources. You will also learn to recognise and avoid plagiarism, and follow standard citation and referencing guidelines when presenting information. In the course of learning, you will be required to plan, prepare and present information appropriately in written and oral form.


In this subject, you will be taught how to conduct effective meetings while applying team communication strategies and the skills for documenting meeting notes. You will be required to write clear emails, using the appropriate format, language, tone and style for an audience. You will also be taught to communicate appropriately in and for an organisation when using various platforms.


In this subject, you will be taught how to use persuasive language in written documents. You will be required to use information to your advantage to verbally communicate and convince an audience about your idea, product or service. Skills such as persuasive vocabulary, language features, graphical illustrations, tone and style would also be covered.


This subject presents you with a panoramic view of current local and global issues, which may have long term implications for Singapore. You will learn to apply critical thinking tools to examine current issues, support your views with relevant research and up-to-date data, articulate an informed opinion and mature as civicminded individuals.


This subject is designed for learners from all disciplines to embrace innovation in either their specialised field or beyond.  You will first be introduced to the Design Thinking framework and learn how to develop problem statements and ideate solutions.  Next, you will discover the tools for prototyping and innovation, such as 3D printing and laser cutting at TP’s Makerspace+ facility.   


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


This subject will help you develop both the physical and technical skills in your chosen sports or fitness activities. Through a structured curriculum that facilitates group participation, practice sessions and mini competitions, you will learn to build lifelong skills such as resilience, leadership, communication and teamwork. Physical activity sessions will be supplemented by health-related topics to provide you with a holistic approach to healthy living.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management. It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success. It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management. It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success. It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management.  It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success.  It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This subject provides essential skills and knowledge to prepare you for an overseas experience. You will examine the elements of culture and learn the key principles of cross-cultural communication. In addition, you will gain an appreciation and awareness of the political, economic, technological and social landscape to function effectively in a global environment.


You will examine your own identity, study different forms of diversity and apply strategies to inspire positive collaboration in a diverse workplace. Through a residential stay, you will have the opportunity to experience living and working with peers from different backgrounds.


This subject highlights the inter-connectedness of the world today, bringing about what it means to be a Global Citizen. You will gain an awareness of the impacts of globalisation and the concepts of social responsibility and sustainable community development. This subject also challenges you to be actively engaged in a social or environmental project.


Whether telling stories, building monuments or celebrating rites of passage, expressions of culture are at the core of cultural diversity. In this subject, everyday objects, artistic creations and popular culture are explored as ways of understanding the values and beliefs of a society. By taking this subject, you will benefit by acquiring a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities surrounding our cultural assets.


This is a subject where you will be free to pursue an area of interest through a self-directed approach, guided by staff. You will be expected to demonstrate a sense of curiosity for learning, initiate an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills, and reflect on your learning journey throughout the subject.


This 20-week internship links your learning with the real world. You will be placed in relevant industrial/ commercial organisations so that you can relate what you have learnt in the classrooms with actual work situations. This practical training provides you with the opportunity to apply the concepts and skills acquired through specific jobs with emphasis on increased recognition and enhancement of student internship programme in alignment with the SkillsFuture initiative.


* Students must choose to take either one of these three subjects OR Guided Learning (TGL1001).

Core Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

This subject provides you with an understanding of the core accounting principles underlying accounting practice; from the preparation of accounting entries to the financial statements of businesses. It also focuses on how various businesses report the results of their activities in the financial statements.


This subject covers the key management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling. The subject addresses the impact of environmental factors that affect business, the relevance of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, and international management in an organisation. It emphasises the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by supervisors/ manages in an organisation.


This subject covers fundamental computing and data analytics skills for businesses. A strong emphasis is placed in exposing students to office productivity tools which can aid in decision making as well as solving business problems through data manipulation, modelling and visualisation.


The subject covers the fundamental principles of economics for understanding how individuals and firms make decisions. It will focus on the various aspects of the product market: demand and supply, elasticity, market competition, product differentiation. The subject includes an overview of macroeconomic indicators, the government’s macroeconomic objectives and policy tools.


The subject provides an overview of descriptive and inferential statistics. It includes data description, basic concepts of probability, correlation and regression, probability distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing. The subject also covers the use of computer software application to perform statistical computation for data analysis and interpretation.


This subject introduces the basic principles and concepts in the field of retailing with particular emphasis on topics ranging from an introduction to basic retailing principles and practices, building and sustaining relationships in retailing to the key elements in the retail marketing mix.


This subject provides an understanding of the basic concepts and practices of modern marketing. It focuses on the marketing role and the tools utilised by marketers in developing the appropriate marketing mix for target market segments.


This subject provides you with an understanding of consumers’ buying behaviour in a retail context. It focuses on the internal and external forces affecting consumers’ decisions in buying behaviour in a variety of retail contexts.


This subject introduces you to the fundamentals in retail buying processes in order to achieve sales and margin targets. You will learn to forecast sales and customer trends, plan assortment buying and allocation, manage vendor relationships and design effective promotional programmes to market the merchandise. You will have the opportunity to utilise merchandise mathematics in areas such as retail budgeting, Open-to-Buy decisions, sales and stock turn controls that are reflective of the real retail environment.


This subject provides you with the practical experience to develop a professional and quality service mind-set for front-liner roles in a retail environment. Emphasis is placed on the mastery of basic retail skills such as the management of a point-of-sale system, inventory control, order management and administration of reservation and exchange policies. You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and selling techniques to provide excellent service and to create a customerfocused retail environment that keeps pace with current trends and developments in the retail industry.


This subject aims to provide you with the knowledge to research, identify and assess emerging retail trends and information sources which are useful for retail decisions. The subject covers basic research techniques and related software for trend and market analysis. You will understand and appreciate the importance of trend forecasting and analysis in diverse areas such as new channels used by consumers, identify product and market opportunities and the different branding strategies within a retail environment.


This subject is a practical module on the fundamentals in retail merchandise buying. It provides you with the hands-on opportunity to apply the basic concepts and skills you have acquired in retail buying processes. You will learn to conceptualise merchandise themes, formulate a viable merchandise mix, plan buying budgets, source and conduct negotiations with suppliers and manage the merchandise planning and assortments to create an impressive retail image and achieve target sales.


This subject provides you with an overview of the management frameworks of running a retail store. It encompasses space management, operations and human resource management. Particular emphasis is given to service coaching and role modeling to create a customer-centric working environment. The subject taps on the retail laboratory to provide handson opportunities to apply the relevant knowledge in managing a store.


This subject equips you with the fundamentals and skills in visual merchandising to develop effective visual presentations in a retail environment. It focuses on the basic principles and practices in visual merchandising with particular emphasis placed on design principles, visual display components, visual merchandising techniques and emerging trends in visual merchandising.


The subject covers the various practical aspects in planning and managing retail events. The aspects include conceptualising, developing and executing of retail events. A real-life project will be used to enhance the learning of the practical retail event management skills.


This subject covers the fundamental principles of retail advertising and promotion together with retail branding. It explains the role of an integrated marketing communication strategy in the creation of a brand image that retailers adopt to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Topics covered range from situational analysis, marketing communication mix to building brand equity.


This subject provides you with the knowledge and skills to start a retail business and to develop a differentiating retail strategy. It integrates the knowledge and content covered in past modules taken. You have the opportunity to conceptualise and implement a viable retail business idea. Key topics include environment analysis, target market behaviour, competitive scanning, location analysis, customer service and store image analysis. These will allow you to formulate a business plan covering areas in retail operations, merchandise mix, visual merchandising and branding. Financial forecasts, budgeting and ratio analysis will be some key financial topics covered in the business plan.


This subject covers an overview of the fundamental aspects and practices in mall management. You will learn about mall positioning strategies, tenant management, leasing negotiations and mall marketing techniques. Emphasis will be placed on mall positioning, retail techniques to optimise tenant mix, mall resource allocations, returns on investments, REITs, issues and concerns experienced by mall management and the increasing influence of malls in the local retail scene.


This subject provides you with an overview of the development of retail trends in the local and international contexts as a response to the evolving retail environment. The issues which impact the retail industry such as new retail formats, emerging retail trends and the development of shopping malls in urban and suburban sites will be examined. This subject will also focus on major factors affecting retail businesses in the global marketplace which include cross-cultural differences, ethics and social responsibility, future trends in retail operations and retail formats and consumer spending patterns. Emphasis will be placed on exploring global expansion strategies and new market development.


This subject introduces the use of new media to achieve retailing objectives, the working fundamentals in Customer Relationship Management and E-commerce. Students will understand how technology is transforming the retail industry and explore the challenges and issues in E-commerce for retailers. Emerging trends involving M-commerce, cross-channel fulfillment, in-store virtual technology, integration of new media applications and omni-channel customer engagement will be examined.


Diploma Subjects - Elective Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

The subject covers topics such as algebraic functions, limits, exponential functions, logarithm functions, and the various rules and techniques of differentiation and integration to solve problems in the business environment.


There is an increasing trend in the local retail sector where more international and luxury brands are keen to enter the market. This subject offers you insights into the world of luxury brand management. The subject includes an understanding of the major luxury sectors ranging from leather goods, fashion and jewellery to accessories. It will also examine the challenges in developing a luxury brand, expectations of a luxury client, training talent in the luxury business and the key management issues involved in growing these premium brands globally.


To remain competitive, many retailers have expanded into food and beverage (F&B) services. This subject provides you with an overview of the key areas involved in managing an F&B set-up. Focus areas will include the diversified F&B formats and business models, regulatory and safety requirements, human resource management and the operational aspects in F&B. There will also be emphasis on how such businesses can use differentiated marketing strategies to enhance their competitive advantage. The subject will also examine emerging trends in the F&B industry.


Graduation Requirements

Cumulative Grade Point Average min 1.0
TP Fundamentals Subjects 40 credit units
Diploma Subjects
- Core Subjects
- Elective Subjects

80 credit units
4 credit units
Total Credit Units Completed min 124 credit units


Contact Us

For general enquiries, please contact:

School of Business

  (65) 6788 2000
  (65) 6786 9530


Samuel Tan
Course Manager

Samuel graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Business (Retailing & Wholesaling) from Stirling University of UK

With a strong passion to groom future retailers, Samuel Tan is an industry practitioner turned educator. Samuel brings with him extensive retail experience from the convenience store and departmental store formats.  He provides training and consultancy services to local and overseas retailers as well as to students from the Diploma in Retail Management at Temasek Polytechnic.

A highly enthusiastic sportsman, he has demonstrated his creativity and talent in sports marketing as well as when he was a sports mental coach. Tapping on his strengths in marketing communication, he conceptualised the “Team Temasek” theme to promote a sporting culture and instill a spirit of sports excellence in Temasek Polytechnic.

Tel: 6780 6780

Vincent Low
Section Head

Vincent graduated from the University of Western Australia (Australia) with a degree in Economics, majoring in International Business Economics and Marketing. He also completed a Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics in early 2017.

Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, Vincent has worked with reputed retailers such as FJ Benjamin and was responsible for the visual merchandising of major international brands including Fendi, Gucci, GUESS and Sheridian. His diverse working experience also includes a stint with Singtel as the Product Manager responsible for * SEND, a Singtel SMS service. He attained invaluable know-how when he took on the role of an Accounts Director at a graphic design firm. This role helped sharpen his business acumen, his keen eye for aesthetics, his technical competencies in collateral production and boosted his client-servicing skills.

Vincent has gained extensive experience and expertise from more than ten years spent in industry. In addition, his part-time teaching roles in Temasek Polytechnic for both the School of Business and School of Design place him in good stead to further enrich the learning journeys of his students.

Tel: 6780 5883

Felicia Wee
Section Head

Felicia graduated from the University of London with a degree in Economics, majoring in Management Studies. She has a varied career in media, marketing and mall management.

Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, her management role at AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd entailed overseeing the malls’ operations, marketing and tenant relations with her team. She held bottom-line responsibilities of ensuring the profitability and operational viability of the property.

Felicia’s ardent interest in the media industry inspired her to kick start her career in the print and cable TV industry. Her stints with Singapore Press Holdings and CNBC Asia required her to develop and execute media campaigns for regional and international clients. At ESPN Star Sports, she worked with the network’s regional affiliates in marketing international sports programming to syndication clients and hotels. Felicia also managed marketing communications for a local jeweller where she collaborated with the organising committee in designing souvenir jewellery for the Annual Meetings of the Board of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund and clinched SME 500 and Enterprise 50 awards for the jeweller.

Tel: 6780 6779

Irene Chan
Senior Lecturer

Irene graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Arts. She has also attained postgraduate qualifications from Macquarie University in Australia (MBA) and the University of Sheffield (MEd). Irene is ACTA-certified as well. She is a competent and skilled educator for both full-time diploma courses and the part-time programmes for adult learners.

Irene has over 15 years' of experience in the retail industry. Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, she worked with global fashion retailers including Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo and Giordano. In her previous positions based in New York, Hong Kong, China, Jamaica and Malaysia, Irene has managed regional teams spanning product development, merchandising and marketing functions. Irene has also held country-level responsibilities as the General Manager for a casual wear provider overseeing strategy formulation, budgets, people and operations.

Tel: 6780 5815

Debbie Ng
Senior Lecturer

Debbie has a Bachelor of Business Administration (Dean’s List & BHL Gold Medal) and Masters in Business Administration from National University of Singapore, Master of Education in Educational Studies: Learning, Teaching and Research from University of Sheffield and a Certificate in Vocational Education (distinction in Educational Psychology) from Vocational and Industrial Training Board.

She has been involved in the field of vocational education and polytechnic education for more than 30 years.  Having developed and taught various accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, retailing and service quality subjects at the School of Business, her areas of interest are services, skills upgrading and continuing education.

She has experience in industry training and consultancy projects for various public-listed companies and public organisations such as Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd, SMRT Corporation Ltd, Sentosa Development Corporation, Jurong Engineering Limited, F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd and the Singapore Retailers Association.  She has also provided continuing education (part-time diploma) for Singapore Police Force, The Subordinate Courts of Singapore, Singapore Prison Service, and Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd.

Tel: 6780 5816

William Wong

William graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor in Business, majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and has a Master in Business Administration from National University of Singapore. He has worked in the hospitality and retail sectors as well as taught in the Institute of Technical Education prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic.

With a strong interest in retail, William joined Isetan after completing his undergraduate studies. He was involved in store operations before taking up buying portfolios in Toys, Children’s Sundries, Men’s and Travel. He was part of the core team that revamped and upgraded the Men’s floor of Isetan Scotts in 2008 with brands such as Rimowa, Porsche Design, Church’s and Car Shoe being brought in. He was also involved in the conceptualisation of the Men’s Department of Isetan Serangoon Central which was opened in 2010.

An avid mall shopper, William usually spends his weekends visiting malls to check out the latest products and lifestyle trends.

Tel: 6780 5230

Christine Ng

Christine attained a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from National University of Singapore and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from The Hong Kong PolyUniversity. She has also been awarded with The Hong Kong PolyUniversity Graduate Scholarship for excellent academic results for the Master Program at the education institution.

Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, she has more than 12 years of industry experience with several reputed leaders in the retail industry such as the Robinsons Group and the Dairy Farm Group. Her extensive experience ranged from merchandising, marketing to retail operations for both soft goods and hard goods in these organisations. Christine was part of a core team that conceptualised and implemented the strategic growth initiatives whilst she was with the Robinsons Group.

Christine has conducted numerous industry training sessions for reputed retailers such as Gap, Raoul, Harvey Norman, Old Chang Kee, specialising in customer service and store operations. Her passion for retailing and life-long learning drives her to stay connected to key industry players and be updated on the trends in the local and international retail scene.

Tel: 6780 6779

Wee Tee Yong

Tee Yong graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing.

After his graduation, Tee Yong returned to Singapore and worked with an offshore investment bank, JP Morgan as an Operations Analyst. He was part of a dynamic team that co-ordinated bonds and equities trading activities. He then ventured into the exciting music retail industry where he was as part of the management and operations teams for music chain stores Tower Records and HMV. His love for animals has also seen him manage his own pets-related business.

Tee Yong is enthusiastic about the changing trends in Singapore’s retail scene and keeps himself updated through reading and attending e-commerce courses. He enjoys his weekends catching up on music, movies, sports, food and retail therapy with his wife and daughter.

Tel: 6780 5814

Lim Yan Hua

Yan Hua graduated from the National University of Singapore majoring in Marketing.

With a keen interest and passion for the retail industry, Yan Hua started her career in Carrefour Singapore as a Management Trainee and later moved on to other key roles with reputed retailers like Seiyu Singapore, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd and Pierre Cardin.

She has garnered extensive experience through her 17 years in the retail industry and her roles have covered multi-functional aspects in retail ranging from merchandise buying, retail operations to strategic business development. Yan Hua was part of the pioneer team that conceptualised and set up the hypermarket format for local retail giant FairPrice in 2006.

Yan Hua’s interests include “researching” at shopping malls and online portals to keep abreast of changing trends in the retail industry.

Tel: 6780 5884

Yeo Su-Lin

Su-Lin graduated from Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, majoring in Organisational Communication.

After graduating, Su-Lin’s passion for retail drove her to start her career in the retail industry by joining Perlini’s Silver, a leader in the fashion accessories sector. Su-Lin then spent the next 15 years sharpening her skills covering various aspects of retail from store operations to product development, store design, marketing communications and ultimately international franchising. After developing a comprehensive franchise package including franchise agreements, operations manual, training handbook and support systems guidelines, she successfully set up over 22 franchise outlets in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne, generating sales revenue in excess of USD15 million.After Perlini’s Silver was acquired by The Al-Futtaim Group, Su-Lin’s portfolio was expanded to include established watch brands such as Westar and Kolber. Under her charge, this wholesale arm grew to contribute up to 85% of the company’s sales revenue.

Su-Lin also went on to work with other established watch and jewelry brands such as Skagen, Rosendahl and Pandora.

Tel: 6780 5868

Liew Hwee Min

An alumni of Temasek Polytechnic, Hwee Min went on to Murdoch University in Perth to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

Hwee Min is defined by her diverse industry experience. Latest in her resume was running ReStore, a vintage furniture shop and café, as an owner/operator for 4 years. Prior to setting up ReStore, she toiled in advertising with her husband, running his boutique advertising agency for 6 years. She learnt much of her corporate chops in Standard Chartered Bank, where she practised credit card marketing for 4 years prior to joining her husband in advertising.

She spends much of her free time reading, favouring chick-lit, classics, historical novels and travelogues. Another of her great loves is travelling. Her backpacking adventures include taking a train-ride with her husband from Hanoi, up to China, onwards to Mongolia, Russia and to Europe, ending up in London in 2010.

Tel: 6780 6231

Adrina Cheong
Retail Service Instructor

Adrina is an alumnus of Temasek Polytechnic, having graduated with a Diploma in Retail Management.

Upon graduation, she took on a sales executive position with a cosmetics company. She worked closely with clients such as Fairprice, Watsons, Cold Storage and Guardian. Adrina also took charge of merchandisers and sales reports and forecasting. Her next stint as an outdoor sales merchandiser with an Australian health products company provided her insights into how SMEs operate. Her role required her to monitor stock movements and replenishments in order to maximise sales at hospitals and pharmacies like Unity Pharmacy. She also set up atrium sales events at shopping malls.

Adrina enjoys observing how retail is constantly evolving. She keeps tabs on retail trends and enjoys window shopping and shopping sprees. She also loves spending time with her family and pet dog during the weekends.

Tel: 6780 5126