Life at Business

At TP School of Business, we firmly believe in giving our students holistic learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom--through experiences that are real, relevant and rewarding. Apart from structured curriculum input, we also line up a series of activities for our students throughout the year. These activities range from study trips to community projects, and learning festivals to competitions to hone skills and expand knowledge.

Study Trips

Study trips offer unique, experience-enriched learning, connecting schoolwork with the real world. Students gain insights into the workings of industry through industry-specific trips to far- flung destinations such as South Africa, USA, New Zealand and the UK. From these trips come a broader perspective of various fields of study, and exposure to the intricacies of working in a global setting.

Community Projects

Temasek Polytechnic’s strong community culture often extends beyond the boundaries of our campus. Our students engage in many meaningful projects, reaching out to the larger community to help raise awareness for worthy causes. Supported by core competencies in our curriculum, these projects have allowed out students to experience joy from giving back to the community.


The start of each academic year is always marked with great fanfare. For most students, moving to a tertiary education represents a significant milestone in their education. The School of Business Orientation, both informative and fun, helps freshmen ease into and adjust to poly life. There are activities galore to set them networking with fellow students and getting to know the School of Business a little better. Orientation stands freshman in good stead for a fruitful start for their polytechnic life.

Donning School of Business colours and entering into the excitement of Orientation are freshmen

Celebration of Learning

Learning comes full circle with knowledge is successfully applied. School of Business is always on the lookout for competitions and industry collaborations to give students the opportunity to put their learning to the test, pitch their ideas to solve real-world issues and engage with industry.

Students’ enthusiasm, perseverance and determination at such competitions are sources of inspiration. They never fail to surprise through their creativity and readiness to take on challenges. Many have returned from competitions victorious, not just by winning trophies but also by applying life skills such as problem solving, communication and team management.