Welcome to the TDS Alumni Network!

The TDS Alumni Network seeks to bring together a talented group of creatives and professionals with a shared educational experience that has molded their attitudes and shaped their thinking, giving them a distinctive edge in every field they now represent.

The TDS Alumni Network aims to :-

  • (Re-)Establish connections and foster interaction between alumni, staff and the TDS community
  • Extend and develop viable opportunities for meaningful collaboration to take place
  • Promote and facilitate continuous learning and engagement amongst TDS alumni

If you are an alumni of Temasek Design School, we invite you to update your particulars so that you can stay updated with the latest news and happenings in the School.

If you have any news to share, or thoughts on how to make the TDS Alumni Network a vibrant and exciting community, do send us an email at We value your feedback and engagement with the TDS Alumni Network!


Industry captains & Academic luminaries
Meet Temasek Design School's Local & Overseas External Examiners. This distinguished group of design professionals educators and practitioners assess the works of our students and help us benchmark us against industry standards.

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  University of Newcastle
University of Newcastle welcomes the application of qualified diploma graduates from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Attached are the Credits offered for a range of Temasek Polytechnic programmes.

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  Undergraduate + Master's Program at UNSW
All graduates interested in pursuing their undergraduate programme + Master's programme could contact UNSW, College of Fine Arts to complete admission procedures.
  Endorsement by Board of Architects, Singapore
The Board of Architects in Singapore has officially informed the Temasek Design School that the Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design from Temasek Polytechnic is definitely on its list of recognized qualification. To learn more, download the letter addressed to all IAD graduates.
  Jilin College of the Arts
Undergraduate degree offer by Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun, China.

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