Temasek Polytechnic School of Design collaborates with a wide range of external industrial and academic partners, corporations and government agencies to take part in joint projects of research and exchange that will result in new solutions and knowledge for the various fields of design.

We encourage our lecturers and students to participate in these collaborations through our Centre for Design Innovation, Student Internship Programmes both locally and abroad, and also through guest lectures and joint projects.

We strive to equip the students with relevant knowledge about the industry and its practises. Feedback from our industry partners have been extremely positive in terms of what we are striving to achieve.

Design Unplugged

'design unplugged', an anthology of design forums, seminars, colloquia and design events, activities, organized by Temasek Polytechnic School of Design to enhance design to students and professionals in the design industry.

Our Vision is for TP School of Design to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in design education. Design Unplugged is set up as a vehicle to promote design awareness amongst staff and students as well as increase the profile of the school to the local as well as international design community in the global marketplace.

Contact Design Unplugged

Design Unplugged welcomes designers and design related professionals from the international community. If you are passing through Singapore at any time and would like to just meet up or give a talk to design students, please do let us know.

Do contact for more information.

Student Internship Programme

Temasek Polytechnic School of Design believes in preparing design students to be consummate design professionals, ready to fit into the demands of industry upon graduation. The Student Internship Programme immerses students into the work environment and experience of the design industry, both locally and overseas. Students spend 12-16 weeks in various design firms, as part of the staff. The students on both local and overseas internship schemes are paid a nominal sum and are graded on their work performance.

Because of the practical nature of the programme, students learn to apply classroom theory to practice in a real-world environment. Life skills, such as time management, interpersonal communication, leadership skills, networking and so on, are also applied and learnt.

By the time the internship period is over, students would have gotten a good feel of what working life in the design field is like. Generally, they become more confident and independent as well. This is particularly so for students on the Overseas Student Internship Programme (OSIP).

For more information, please visit the main Student Internship Programme (SIP) webpage and browse through the SIP FAQs.

Diplomas from School of Design

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Industry Partners

Temasek Polytechnic School of Design collaborates with a wide range of external industrial and academic partners, corporations and government agencies. Listed below are some of the partners that we work with.


"The Apparel Design & Merchandising course at Temasek teaches not only marketable skills but provide a holistic development of the students so that they are a valuable contributor to their future employer."

Mrs Fong Loo Fern
Managing Director, CYC Shanghai Shirt Co. Pte. Ltd.

"I have been tremendously impressed with the attitude, vigour, intelligence and manner of the highly committed team of Teachers, Lecturers, Management and Associated Participants in this energetic school of creative learning. The school's facilities are second to none that I have seen experienced or heard of, a truly inspiring place which fosters a strong community (campus) spirit. Overlaying these attributes and benefits, is the care thought and critical consideration given to the curriculum. This issue - so important to the process of learning, is under constant scrutiny and the school actively engages the private sector to contribute their ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism."

Mr Derek MacKenzie
Partner, designphase Pte Ltd.

"Every year, Temasek Design School never fails to impress us with the quality of its graduates. They display an immense sense of pride and ownership in their work, an invaluable asset to a company like Kinetic. Their keen sense of thought in their approach to design problems reflects the school's attention to design foundation in all its courses."

Mr Benjy Choo
Art Director, Kinetic Design & Advertising.

"This school lives on the edge... of design. That is what makes them exciting and relevant!"

Mr Low Cheaw Hwei
Senior Director-Design, Philips Design, Singapore.

"Modelled on relevant industry needs, the TP Visual Communication Course offers the right environment and training for aspiring graduates to find employment in the advertising and graphic communication industry. The fact that many award winning creative people in the industry are graduates of this school speaks volumes of its curriculum and its teaching staff."

Mr Adrian Tan
Executive Chairman, The Adplanet Group.