Do what you love: The Alumni Series (Cheung Yun Ki)

Cheung Yun Ki

Diploma in Environment Design

For someone who chose to do design simply because it made her happy, Cheung Yun Ki has come quite a long way. “I absolutely love anything that has to do with art or design,” she said. That love led her to the Environment Design course at the TP School of Design. Today, Yun Ki has graduated and is now furthering her studies in architecture at the renowned Southern California Institute of Architecture, ranked among the top schools of design in America.

But even as she embarks on a new adventure in the US, those unforgettable days of warmth and camaraderie at the School of Design will always stay with her. “The best part is probably spending time with my course mates, rushing through submissions together, getting kicked out of the school for staying too late and those late night suppers when we’re too busy for dinner,” she reminisced. “Sharing and learning from one another was vital. We all made mistakes and got our work criticised by our lecturers but I’ve learnt to accept reality checks and then better myself through honest feedback.”

Yun Ki’s love for “building things and experimenting” has taken her beyond environment design and architecture. She has dabbled in carpentry, metalwork, pottery and especially industrial design. Her playful approach to design has seen her make her own leather pouches and bags. She particularly relishes model-making and brought her Major Project at TP to life by building a 1:50 scale architectural model.

“Design makes me happy and allows me to think far and not restrict myself. I love that there are endless possibilities and that there is no right or wrong to it. It can be interpreted in any way. That gives me freedom to express anything I want. It has given me a sense of positivity about myself that I can spread to others.”


The “Do What You Love” series of short interviews showcases the love that students, lecturers, alumni from the School of Design have for design and where this love is taking them in life through the discovery of new skills, new opportunities, new careers and life-paths.