Keeping it real in Design: Working with Industry

There’s nothing like a real brief from an actual client to get the adrenalin flowing. Aside from internships and mentorships, there are many opportunities for Design students to work closely with industry on actual ‘live’ projects. This is usually over and above school projects so students usually have to be quite good at juggling their priorities but who can pass up a good opportunity to work with clients like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Singapore Airlines, or Singapore Red Cross, or Land Transport Authority on projects that can actually be implemented in real life?

One notable project was the team of students from Communication Design, Retail Hospitality Design and Interior Architecture & Design pitching for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs project to brand and design the interior spaces of the Singapore Co-operation Centres for Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The students’ works were not only adopted and implemented in these countries, they were also proudly exhibited to world leaders who came to Singapore for the ASEAN Summit in 2018. So next time you’re in the neighbourhood in Yangon or Ho Chi Minh City, pop into the SCC to check out the students’ designs.

There are other many opportunities in the School of Design to work with industry and top global brands. If you like to cut your teeth on the thrill of working on a real client brief and to perhaps see your work come to life and validated by industry, there’s no better place to keep it real than in the TP School of Design.