On her way to singing stardom

TP’s Newest Singing Sensation
by Murugesh K Verlachamy

Pods popped up around campus and it looked like a scene straight out of a sci-fi flick. In this instance, however, it was not a sign of life from another planet but rather an audition for Mandarin singing competition, SPOP Sing. Contestants got into these pods and sang their hearts out in the hope of making it to the next round.

TP design student Darryl-Ann Jansen just happened to be one of those hopefuls who took the leap of faith and eventually made it to the grand finals. A highly respectable third-place finish would soon follow for the girl with the sultry vocals.

“I've always loved to sing since my primary school days and I was so out of tune back then! But my family members are musically inclined so being passionate about music came naturally.”

With singing in one language already proving to be a tall order for most of us, how does Darryl-Ann manage to do it in two? Well by watching TV of course!

“I watched lots of Mandarin shows and tried singing their theme songs. It was then that I realised my voice actually suited Mandarin songs better.”

“My lecturers were very supportive during this journey and they certainly helped a lot. I also had the chance to work with my idols Joanna Dong and Serene Koong! Plus I also got to celebrate my twenty-first birthday with the wonderful people from SPOP Sing.”

With a unique voice and bubbly personality to boot, we’re sure this won’t be the last time we hear of TP’s very own singing sensation, Darryl-Ann Jansen!