Spirited Away: Keeping the Design Family Spirit Alive

TP Design School is a small school with a loud voice and one really tight-knit community. The one thing that gels different students from different courses together is this intangible, invisible thing we call the Design Spirit.

Binding us together is a shared love for DES Canteen’s signature nacho cheese chicken cutlet (you’ll have to taste it to believe it. It’s that good!), a passion for all things design and of course, the Design Orientation Camp.

Freshmen come in as shy strangers on Day 1. They leave on Day 3 hoarse from cheering, drenched from waterbombs and regatta sweat and completely immersed in the Design spirit, entrenched with Design Pride with fast friendships formed from across the courses. It is the start of a beautiful relationship that lasts beyond three years.

So important is the Design Orientation Camp (DOC) that even seniors who have graduated come back to school to be part of the tradition to welcome the new batch of freshies. Planned and run by students themselves, DOC is no mere camp but an institution itself in Design School memories.