Environment Design student wins NParks scholarship

Just a few short years ago, Muhammad Afiq Mohammad Fairuz or Afiq for short, was like all other 16-year-olds facing one of the toughest choices of his life – what course to take and where to study after secondary school.

The Normal Academic student zeroed in on his love for architecture and his deep desire to not just design spaces but to shape the very landscape we live in. He found the perfect fit here in TP’s School of Design. The Diploma in Environment Design weaves the multi-disciplinary strands of architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability and urban design into one unique whole.  

Afiq thrived in the course and graduated second in his cohort. He recently became the first TP student to receive the prestigious NParks Overseas Merit Award which will cover his degree studies in landscape architecture in a university overseas. For Afiq, this is likely to be in a university in Australia where he will take his degree in Landscape Architecture. With credit exemptions due to the relevant subjects he took in the School of Design, Afiq is likely to complete his degree studies in a significantly reduced time frame.

Afiq said, “Applying for the Overseas Merit Scholarship was a long journey which took a few months. I went through multiple interviews and mini presentations. It finally came down to only two of us who got the scholarship. That is really very overwhelming for me because I never thought I could make it this far. I feel really honoured.”

Afiq also graduated with top honours from TP recently, winning the Institute of Parks and Recreation, Singapore prize for his outstanding final-year project on the Marina Bay area.

Despite his success, Afiq remains grounded and appreciative of his time in TP. He said, “The School of Design is so very different from other schools. The best thing I learned was how to be really creative in terms of solving issues pertaining to the external environment. I love the working environment in school, the outgoing and very creative people I met and the events I participated in. All these helped me grow as a person and as a design professional.”