Welcome to Design School!

There’s never a dull day at the  School of Design. As the most comprehensive design school in Singapore, students are exposed to new trends and ideas across all fields of design.

From the first day of Orientation, the excitement never lets up. There’s plenty to see, learn and do.

The life cycle of a Design student revolves around deadlines, submissions, crits, field trips, consultations, study trips, competitions, exhibitions, mentorships, internships and the list goes on.

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School of Design Student Handbook

The Temasek Polytechnic - School of Design Student Handbook aims to inform students about the school's policies, rules and regulations. Students are required to read every section of the handbook and familiarise themselves with the contents.

The information in this handbook is accurate at the time of upload. School of Design reserves the right to withdraw or revise any information contained in the handbook without prior notice.

1. TP Mission, Vision & Values

2. Our Staff

TP Students

Hello everyone!

Design Studies Club (DSC) is YOUR club! It’s a cool club for you to be member of, as we network, engage in fun-filled events and simply chill out with each other.

DSC has definitely grown and matured through the years. We are seeing more people come forward to run for the Exco elections. This year, we had 18 candidates vying for 15 seats and more than 300 votes were cast! By voting us in, you have entrusted us with a huge responsibility and we promise not to disappoint you. I would like to thank all previous committees for the strong foundation they had laid for us and to my current team for all their hard work. Since taking over appointment in June, we have organized about 8 events. This would not have been possible if not for the strong support you have shown for our activities. Thank you!

Look out for more exciting events ahead and be part of the experience. Cheers!

TP Students

The School of Design offers courses that cover the full spectrum of design disciplines - from apparel to product to spatial design, from electronic media to print, video to stills, the school offers a comprehensive range of design specialisms.

You will thrive and learn in an environment which is fun and exciting, tinker with cool state-of-the-art equipment that is the very latest in industry, and work with some of the most creative brains in design education today. Here, you can be sure you are poised at the forefront of ideas and facilities, exposed to the rapid changes in trends, thinking and concepts of the design world.

Because the design industry is very much a project-based one, learning in the design school is also very hands-on in nature. This includes ‘live’ projects where you work with the best in industry. You will not only develop your creative and technical skills, you will also hone your own project and time management abilities, thus preparing you for a career in an industry driven by briefs and deadlines.

It’s not all studio and classroom work. Design is global in nature and so your learning experiences will reflect that. You will participate in industry-driven dialogue, seminars and workshops, go on field trips, overseas exchange programmes, and an industry internship programme, locally or overseas.

The School of Design is well-recognised in the local and international arena as an award-winning institution. Our students have won many prestigious international and local competitions. In addition, our accomplished external examiners from reputable overseas institutions have consistently attested to the very high quality of our courses. It is not surprising, therefore, that our graduates have been accorded advanced standing by the very best degree-granting design institutions for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Australia, UK, USA, Europe and other parts of the world.