About Us

Our School of Engineering offers 11 full-time diploma courses and a special programme. Currently, we have about 400 staff and 5,500 students. Besides teaching excellence, our School also focuses on applied research & development, so as to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Housed in a campus that is next to the scenic Bedok Reservoir, we offer a unique waterfront environment that is ideal for both work and play.

Where the Future Happens

Our School of Engineering is at the forefront of technology. We are advanced and up-to-date in terms of equipment, facilities, as well as our Engineering curriculum. We anticipate future needs and our projects and ideas improve future lifestyles. We are hence able to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. 

For students who join our School, this is where their future takes shape and crystallises, where they can work towards realising their ambitions, where their dreams of the future can come true. It is the starting point towards great things in the future. 

Niche Areas

Our School of Engineering has several notable niche areas, meaning, specific fields of study in which we have developed particular strength and expertise, and which is well supported by special facilities and equipment. These niche areas are in Aerospace & Aviation, Interactive Digital Media, Clean Energy and Robotics.

A Vibrant Lifestyle

Our students can look forward to a young, creative, dynamic and lively environment.  Sporting competitions, artistic pursuits, adventure learning programmes, team building games, student camps, overseas study trips, and overseas community projects are some of the many exciting activities that pepper the life of a student in our School. 

Today's input, hard work and perseverance will be tomorrow's reward.

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