When Love Conquers All

Daryl Lim recalls how he met and got together with his Mechatronics course-mate, Peh Xue Yin, and how it had motivated him in his studies, helping him to achieve a cGPA of 3.76.  They got married in December 2018.

Mention school and most people would remember the lectures, tutorials, project meetings, the stress of exams, and perhaps even those mornings when you had to drag your tired body out of bed just to be in time for your first lesson!

Life in TP was no different for me, until one fine day during my second year, when I got to know Xue Yin, my course-mate in Mechatronics.  It has been almost a decade since I graduated from TP, but the memory of that day is still so fresh in my mind. 

I vividly remember how we met.  I was seated in the back row of the LT, waiting for the lecture to start, when, from the corner of my eye, I saw Xue Yin stroll past me, as she headed to the front rows.  I will never forget her beaming smile at that moment.  I must get to know her! I thought to myself.

Needless to say, that entire lecture was a washout, nothing made sense to me.  I was like, stunned for an hour, deliberating in my mind how I should approach her.  Later that day, we had a tutorial presentation for which everyone had to dress formally.  After the session, I mustered the courage to go up to her.  “Hi, you look gorgeous.  How did your presentation go?” I heard my own voice saying.  A bit lame, I guess, but well, it started a conversation.   And that was it.

From an acquaintance, we soon became good friends, and eventually, a couple.  We began to hang out together, and we started to stay back after classes to study together.  Strangely, I began to look forward to school each day with a kind of newfound energy that I never knew I had!  It was an opportunity for me to be with her.  You know the feeling – when you wake up each morning, you are perked up by a sense of anticipation, knowing that you would get to see her when you go to school.  It was like, my heart just seemed to beat a little faster.  Every new day seemed to have an exciting glow to it.  It is a feeling that those who have been in love before would understand.

Xue Yin and I would meet on most mornings before class at the study bench on the first floor and she would give me an oven-toasted bread with a slice of ham and melted cheese on it – hand-made, with her heart, no less.  It really touched me. 

Being in love motivated both of us in our studies too.  It was like… hey, we got to work hard and do well so that we have a bright future together.  You know the saying that if you have the right company with you, even the most difficult tasks seem easy?  Well, when you are with the one you love, everything else in the world does not seem to matter, and so that allowed us to focus fully on studying. 

In a blink of an eye, we have spent 9 years taking care of each other.  During that time, we both pursued further studies and got our degrees – she a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance) from Murdoch University, and me, a Bachelor of Engineering (Product Development) from SUTD.  I also started working as a Research Engineer at SIMTech, while she became an Accounts Manager in an Engineering firm.

Having accomplished the major milestones in our lives, I then decided to get down on my knee and pop the question, “Will You Marry Me?”.  She said yes.


Recently, we returned to TP for our wedding photoshoot.  As we walked along the Engineering School concourse, I could still feel the electricity of those early days when we had just started dating.  Amidst the nostalgia, we stopped, looked at each other, and smiled.  We are grateful that TP not only gave us a diploma and a head-start in our careers, but also allowed us to meet each other.

After the tiring photoshoot, we felt game for a bite, so we headed to the Short Circuit canteen for some refreshments.  We headed straight to our fav western food stall, and ordered – yes, you guessed it – ham and cheese toast.

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