Outer Space is the Limit

Grace Parn Jiahui, who graduated with a Diploma in Electronics (Aerospace option) in 2007, is now a Senior Mechanical Engineer at ST Electronics (Satellite Systems) Pte Ltd. The 28-year-old former Katong Convent student has put her diploma training to good use, helping Singapore to develop its first commercial earth observation satellite, TeLEOS-1, to be launched into orbit by end 2015. She talks about her progress since leaving TP…

Although it’s been many years since I got my diploma, the memories I have of TP are still warm in my heart. In fact, it seems like just a couple of months ago that I was studying in TP! Well, if that’s the case, then a lot has certainly happened in these couple of months! 

After I got my diploma from TP, I went on to obtain an Aerospace Engineering degree from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. My diploma from TP actually earned me an exemption from 6 university modules, and it also helped me to understand topics related to the various aircraft avionic systems. 

After getting my degree, I joined ST Electronics and was deployed to their satellites department. There, I am a part of a team that designs, analyses, integrates and tests the structural sub-system of a satellite. We are currently working on a project to develop the first made-in-Singapore earth observation satellite. (See the photo above?... it was taken in our satellite development lab where I was working with a fellow Engineer, Stanley.  Security there is pretty tight so it’s lucky I managed to get permission to take the pic, otherwise you guys will not get to see this photo at all!) 

My main role is to design the mechanical housing for electronic boards, and to ensure that the housing meets specific thermal and structural requirements. I am also involved in preparing the mechanical ground support equipment used to hold the satellite during integration. And lastly, I also help to oversee the designing and building of the satellite’s transportation container, which has to be air-tight and able to protect the satellite from external shocks such as physical impact, rain, heat and cold. 

My Diploma in Electronics from TP has certainly given me a strong basic understanding of electronic components and circuitry concepts, which comes in handy when I’m dealing with satellite sub-systems.

What is the secret of my success? Hey, it’s no secret! Let me tell you then: always be humble and open to advice and be thankful for any help or advice given to you :)

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