5 award-winning ideas by Engineering students

The BZE students with their “Adaptive Cruise e-Scooter”

Students from the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (BZE) made their mark once again in the annual Cool Ideas for HDB Living competition held on 17 Mar 2018. Five of their projects won the Finalist award and $500 cash. 

In addition, this year's competition saw, for the first time, the involvement of industry partners and governmental orgnisations which were invited by HDB to evaluate the shortlisted projects in the Finals, and to adopt those with commercial potential.  For instance, the Ants-Off Table was evaluated by IKEA and National Parks (S'pore), while Goodlife! Pte Ltd evaluated the Elderly Safe Wheelchair and Smart Duplex Walker. Projects which are adopted by the industry partner win an additional prize of $5,000. 

Finalist award projects:

The “Elderly Safe Wheelchair” is a modified wheelchair with built-in safety features.  The front small wheels are equipped with rubber stoppers to slow it down when going downhill, while the main big wheels have gears which lock the wheel in place when ascending a slope, thereby preventing it from sliding backwards.

The "Smart Duplex Walker” is a modified walking stick which can be split apart into two or four connected legs, thereby providing better stability and support for the user. 

The “Ants-Off Table” is a specially designed dining table with circular coils attached at the top of each of its four legs.  Based on scientific research on the behaviour of ants, the coils act as a maze which disorientates the ants, preventing them from reaching the top of the table and accessing the food. 

The “F-Frame” is a dual purpose walking aid made of lightweight aluminium.  It serves as a walking stick which can be extended and lengthened into a crutch to provide better support if needed. 

The “Adaptive Cruise e-Scooter” is a specially enhanced e-scooter equipped with high tech safety features.  When an obstacle is detected ahead, a pre-sense warning system slows down the e-scooter while the anti-collision braking system halts the device completely. 

BZE students are trained not only in engineering principles and business concepts, but also to be innovative and creative.  For more information about the BZE diploma, click here.