Beware those SMS messages!

Amid the rapid digital transformation today, comes new risks, new online crimes and new dangers. What the hack, something needs to be done! So a team of students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering decided to develop a unique mobile app that would be able to help combat online scams.

The mobile app uses Artificial Intelligence which is able to detect SMS messages that may be a scam. It is able to “learn” and assign incoming numbers a safety rating and alert the user if an incoming message is deemed to be dangerous. Users may then manually block and “report” the number; those numbers with recurring reports will be stored in a database for the authorities to follow up upon. Suitable for the elderly and vulnerable, the app has an accuracy of about 80%.

The mobile app won the Top Prize in the “Best Pre-University Hack Award” category of the NTU Hackathon iNTUition competition, a 24-hour hackathon held from 12 – 13 Oct 2019.

Organised by NTU’s IEEE Student Chapter, the competition encourages participants to make use of multiple technologies in a new and innovative way to create and invent something meaningful. Open to students from undergraduate level and below, the event includes a series of workshops to introduce participants to basic hacking, APIs, data science, big data analytics and machine learning.

Computer Engineering students in TP are given a multi-disciplinary, broad-based training in Electronics (hardware), Computer Science (software), and an integration of both hardware and software in a unique blend that makes them highly employable across many industry sectors.

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