Connecting with parents

About 500 parents of first-year Engineering students attended the “Parents Connect (2)” event held at TP’s School of Engineering on 6 Jul 2019.

The event, held biannually, allows parents to meet their child’s Care Person (CP) to discuss the term test results and academic progress after one term.  Parents could also take the opportunity to raise any concerns that they might have, as well as to find out how they could help their child do well in school.

The Care Person – who is like the Form Teacher in a secondary school – is instrumental in guiding the students under his or her charge throughout their 3-year diploma course, ensuring their optimal development academically, socially and emotionally. 

The “Parents Connect (2)” event follows an earlier “Parents Connect (1)” held in April, during  which parents attended a briefing by the Course Chair, and met with lecturers to find out more about their child’s diploma course, the various programmes offered by the School of Engineering, as well as future career opportunities and further studies options for their child.

“Parents Connect” is a demonstration of the School of Engineering’s commitment to work closely with parents – its partners in education – to ensure the best possible learning outcome and a bright future for all its Engineering students.