Electronics students prove their robotics expertise

Amid today’s digital transformation, robots are becoming a vital part of our lives as they get smarter and smarter, and there’s no doubt that a big future awaits those with the right skill-sets in robotics and automation.

Applying what they have learnt in their diploma course at TP, three Electronics students showcased their excellence in robotics by winning the Gold award in the Autonomous Sumo Robot category of the annual Singapore Robotics Games (SRG) held on 30 & 31 Jan 2019.

In the competition, two robot try to push each other out of a ring, much like a traditional Japanese sumo wrestling match (from which the competition derives its name), with the winning robot progressing to the next round.  Unlike remote controlled robots, these autonomous sumo robots operate on their own and there is no human intervention during the fight.

Designing a champion Autonomous Sumo Robot is not just about how much brute force and torque you can generate, but it also involves many other parameters, including the type and placement of sensors, programming (algorithm), structure and shape of the external shell, type of motors, weight distribution, centre of gravity, and even traction of the wheels as well as strategy – all working in tandem.  In other words, it’s not necessarily the strongest robot, but the smartest robot, that wins a bout.

Students from TP’s Diploma in Electronics course have always performed exceptionally well at the SRG each year, due in part to the diploma’s strong robotics niche.  After receiving a firm grounding in fundamental Engineering subjects, these Electronics students may take the “Robotics & Automation” elective cluster in their final year, so as to specialise in the field of study. 

For more information about the TP Diploma in Electronics, please click here.

A “Sumo” match in progress (left), and our champion sumo wrestler, King Kong (right)