Encouraging recycling

The CER team and their supervisors, with their recycling machine

The next time you see a mechanical recycling machine like the one above, don’t balk at it.  Use it, and you may just walk away with a free cuddly soft toy! 

To encourage recycling, a team of students from the Diploma in Clean Energy (CER) designed the "Artificial Stimulator Recycling Machine".  The device is equipped with sensors to verify the material – paper, plastic or metal – of the rubbish deposited into the respective chambers in the machine. If the material of the deposited item is verified to be correct, the item is then automatically shredded and dispensed into one of three specific bins inside the device. However, if it is of the wrong material, the item is rejected and dispensed back to the user via an outlet, thereby helping to educate users too. 

To motivate users to recycle their unwanted items, the machine is linked to a "catch me" soft toy dispenser; and for each item correctly deposited into the recycling machine, the user is given one attempt to “catch” a soft toy!

The students’ cute invention won an Encouragement award in the annual Greenwave Environmental Care competition held on 26 Nov 2017, while student Miao Xiang Ling received a special "Good Presenter" award with $200 for her eloquent presentation of the project at the event. 

The “Artificial Stimulator Recycling Machine” is just one of the many environment-friendly products or devices that CER students design and fabricate.  In the CER diploma at Temasek Polytechnic, students are trained in smart energy systems, sustainable energy technologies and electronics, as well as energy management.  Find out more about the CER diploma, here.