Engineering students help the elderly to get smart

The award-winning team with their prototype of the Smart Home system

A smart system, comprising a body balancing test and an app that remotely controls electrical appliances, will help to prevent the elderly from falls at home. 

A joint-invention by students from the Diploma in Electronics and Diploma in Computer Engineering, the system, called “Smart Home for the Elderly”, will allow the users to test whether they are able to balance themselves while standing, by stepping on a foot-mat equipped with pressure sensors.  The results are automatically analysed and displayed in a mobile app in real time, and also stored in a cloud server which can be accessed by a doctor or physiotherapist for follow-up treatment.

The system also comes with an integrated mobile app which allows the elderly person to control appliances in the home without having to walk to the switch on the wall, thereby avoiding the risk of falling.

Needless to say, elderly patients who pass the body balancing test, or even able-bodied (but lazy) individuals for that matter, could still choose to use the mobile app to remotely control the appliances in their homes!

The invention won a Merit award in the annual IES Community Innovation Challenge held on 4 May 2019.

The competition, organised by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), aimed to raise the community awareness of tertiary students by encouraging them to come up with innovative devices that make life easier and safer for the elderly and handicapped.