Engineering students solve for tomorrow

The victorious BZE team with their Elderly Friendly wheelchair

Students from the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (BZE) won a Top Winners' award in the annual “Samsung Solve for Tomorrow” competition held on 9 Nov 2018. 

Presented with the challenge of coming up with a solution to solve a social issue in line with the themes of Active Ageing, Healthcare, Social Integration or the Environment, the BZE students proposed the use of a wheelchair that would allow elderly wheelchair users to move around independently, instead of having to rely on a caregiver. 

The wheelchair which the students designed and fabricated is equipped with a gravity lever and ratchet mechanism to prevent it from sliding backwards when an elderly user navigates his way up a slope.  Going downhill, a gravity motion-stopper kicks-in and slows down the wheelchair to prevent it from going out of control.  Given that most elderly users have relatively weak upper limbs, these features would give them newfound versatility while enhancing their safety and welfare. 

The competition aims to cultivate a culture of problem solving through Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), by encouraging youths to come up with innovative solutions that solve current issues and problems in Singapore.  

For more information about the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering, click here.