Engineering students win 5 medals in robotics

Robotics team grabs 3 gold awards

Students from the Diploma in Electronics steered TP to 5 awards – 3 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze in the annual Singapore Robotic Games held on 20 Jan 2017. 

The Gold awards came in three separate categories: the “Autonomous Sumo” category (in which two competing robots try to push each other out of a ring just like in a Japanese sumo wrestling match); the “Robot Colony” category (in which a pair of robots work in tandem to collect and differentiate coloured pellets before depositing them at correct drop-off points); and the “Intelligent Robot” category (in which a robot performs various tasks and overcome obstacles along a given route). 

Besides winning the “Autonomous Sumo” gold award, the students also dominated the category, making a clean sweep of the silver and bronze awards as well. 

With these wins, TP holds the proud record of winning the “Intelligent Robot” category for eight consecutive years, and has also come out tops in “Robot Colony” and “Autonomous Sumo” for three years running – a striking testimony to the high level of robotics competency in the School of Engineering.